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20 minutes ago

NASCAR – Dale Earndhart Jr. endures disastrous loss

When it comes right down to it, things that seem important like money or fame can be so minimal when you see a child who is fighting for their life every day, a child who is robbed of most of their childhood freedom because of diseases like cancer. While

32 minutes ago

6 Crucial Things Top Gear Taught Us

Under Jeremy Clarkson’s watch Top Gear became an all-time great TV show, sold and licensed across the world. The lessons it taught us were just as amazing, as our mini-list shows

2 hours ago

Six bodies found in two cars pulled from Lake Foss

Unsolved mysteries can spark an interest as they have managed to draw in the attention of many in all kinds of Hollywood flicks. This time, we check out an unsolved mystery that isn't too Hollywood at all. In this real-life scenario, we check out somethin