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6 hours ago

This is what it takes to start a Fairbanks Morse heavy oil engine

If you thought that sitting around and waiting for your car to warm up during the winter is a pain in the neck, just imagine how much more difficult it would be if you had to go through all of this to get it started! This time, we check in with a Fairbank

12 hours ago

Tesla plunges in Consumer Reports' rankings

Tesla Motors Inc. , the upstart all-electric automaker that once landed Consumer Reports' best-ever performance rating, has now achieved a far less impressive feat, with a ranking from the reviewer that labels it one the least reliable car companies

14 hours ago

NASCAR – Dale Earndhart Jr. endures disastrous loss

When it comes right down to it, things that seem important like money or fame can be so minimal when you see a child who is fighting for their life every day, a child who is robbed of most of their childhood freedom because of diseases like cancer. While