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9 best rivers in the U.S. for a canoe outing


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Some of America’s best paddling rivers are short enough to be enjoyed in a day by novice canoeists and families. Here 9 of America's best river journeys.

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VR Developers Add "Superpower" To Their Game To Fight Harassment

Over the last few months, several women have reported facing or witnessing sexual harassment online in VR. Most recently, author Jordan Belamire explained on Medium last week that the avatar of someone she didn’t know virtually groped her in the online

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Previously unknown Ingmar Bergman script to be into turned movie

A previously unknown script written by Ingmar Bergman for a collaboration between him, Italy's Federico Fellini and Japan's Akira Kurosawa is being turned into a movie by Swedish director Suzanne Osten, daily Dagens Nyheter reported on Wednesday.