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Australia's Road Trains Are Known As The Longest Trucks In the World!


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The terrain in Australia can often get pretty rough and the trucks that travel through the country terrain know all about it. In the outback towns are so f

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Texas man’s GT-R taken for joyride by tow truck driver

According to ABC13, Brian Montgomery of Pearland, Texas was having some transmission trouble with his Nissan GT-R. On Sunday, October 23, he had the hobbled car towed to a nearby Nissan dealership to have the transmission checked out, but strangely enough

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This guy has a Snap On toolbox setup that most of us dream of

Personally, like many others, I am a firm believer that having the right tools for the job is essential to making sure the job at hand goes smoother. Sure, you could improvise and come up with something to complete the task but wouldn't it be nice to