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13 days ago

And now for some red wines to pair with fall's bountiful food

Even if autumn in Los Angeles is more theoretical than actual, it is still a time when days are diminished and nights are clear, when roasts and braises reenter the dinner repertoire and the transition to the season’s produce — squashes, apples, root

14 days ago

Counter: Post-Thanksgiving dining, post-election edibles

If you’re reading this, you’ve survived this year’s Thanksgiving dinner , not a few football games, and the first big holiday after the election. Congratulations! Time to pour yourself another shot of espresso, or whiskey , maybe do a little holiday

15 days ago

14 great recipe ideas using Thanksgiving leftovers

Happy day after Thanksgiving . You’ve survived another holiday. And while you may be impressed with how great your turkey turned out this year, or that post-election domestic relations around the dinner table didn’t dissolve into war this year, perha