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Get A Look At The World's Fastest Mobility Scooter!


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Whenever you see a mobility scooter it is usually being ridden at a rate of 5 mph and not doing anything too exciting, but in this video you come face to f

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RADIATOR EXPLOSION! These two gentlemen pull up to the parts store with an overheating car and upon a little bit of research decide that they need to add coolant to help keep the temps down. Now if you haven't been around cars for a very long time, you ma

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Welding like a boss… Tig Brazing vs Tig Welding

For many of us, welding is a foreign task. We would venture to say that more people who claim they know how to weld are inexperienced than you might think, but it's ok! This time, we check in with someone who seems to have their stuff together when it com

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New vs old! Range Rover tug-of-war

Between generations, there is always the argument between whether the old or new version is better and this time, we get to put it to the test in the world of Range Rover to see which one of these heavyweights is able to out pull the other one. In one cor