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16 minutes ago

Ambulance & Fire Engine Collide in Miami

Ambulance & Fire Engine Collide in Miami Today, we check out a situation that is as scary as it is a once in a lifetime scenario and it all unfolds in front of our eyes thanks to a nearby traffic camera. We assume that both of the vehicles pictured in

2 hours ago

7 simple & fun life hacks you can use on the daily

If you're familiar with the Mr. Gear YouTube channel, then you know all about how they tend to bring us ways to take useless junk from around the house and turn it into something that can be interesting and sometimes a little bit useful in daily life

8 hours ago

This quad load option on the 2016 Ford F-150 Is actually genius

When designing a truck, there are many factors that come into the designers' heads. However, they can't implement every last idea because the end result will be way too expensive for the broadest demographic, killing off most of the sales that t

10 hours ago

Crushing a spinning turbocharger with the hydraulic press

You would think that after awhile, seeing object after object crushed in the jaws of the hydraulic press would get boring but personally, I find it to get more interesting with each and every unique thing that finds it way to the jaws of the undefeatable