60Hz Vs 144Hz Vs 240Hz Gaming Monitors – Complete Comparison and Buyer’s Guide

Opting for the best gaming monitor is difficult in this age of technology where technology is evolving every day. So, to clear everybody’s confusion has become our duty. In this article, we will tell you which gaming monitors are best for you. What monitors should the gamers prefer? Many people are unaware of Hz and what they signify. So, here we will include all the important things to keep in mind while opting for the gaming monitors.


Let’s dive in

First of all, what Hz signifies behind these numbers

Hz is the measuring unit that signifies how many times or we can say the frequency at which the monitor has refreshed its images.

Lots of people argue with each other about the best gaming monitors. So, now let’s take into account each of the gaming setups.

But before jumping into setups, let’s see what refresh rates are?

Refresh rates are the number of times the monitor updates the display to showcase the updated information in a second.

From the above information on the refresh rate, we can conclude that the higher the refresh rate, the lesser are the broken images. But, here’s a catch. If you want to upgrade the console, you also need a powerful graphics card to support it.  So, in order to upgrade the refresh rates of the monitor, you need to have a sync between the graphics card and refresh rates.


You might be thinking that how does a refresh rate affect the monitor.

In this evolving technology, games have also evolved. And because of it, every millisecond holds a lot of importance. Therefore, the higher refresh rate ensures to update images as soon as possible.

The refresh rates have similar concepts like FPS i.e Frames per second.

Frames per second represent the number of frames rendered on the graphic card per second.

Now if you have a graphics card that has 300FPS and a monitor of 60Hz, then there will be fewer frame updates. So, it’s very important to have a graphic card that has a higher FPS rate if you opt to use a high refresh rate monitor. They have to be in sync.


Why are refresh rates given much importance when considered for gaming?

Refresh rates hold a great importance for gamers because the monitor has to update itself in every millisecond. For playing smooth, refresh rates have to be higher. Unlike television and regular monitors, the refresh rates are just for smooth motion and also low refresh rate does not make much of a difference.


How gaming performances are affected due to refresh rates?

Many people may not find any huge difference due to refresh rates but it makes a huge difference to gamers. Especially the ones who play games like Counterstrike, Battlefield, Pubg, etc

Many people may consider that a higher refresh rate also affects the quality of the image. No refresh rate doesn’t sharpen or enhance the image it only improves the fluidity of the image.

For instance, a 60Hz monitor will load 60 images per second and 144 Hz monitor will load 144 images per second.

So, gamers can react faster with the help of a high refresh rate as compared to the low refresh rate monitor.

Many people have a myth that a human can barely find the difference due to the refresh rates. It is completely false. One can easily experience the difference between 60 Hz monitor and 144 Hz monitor. A higher refresh rate monitor improves the smoothness and fluidity of the image on your display. And it would eventually improve the responsiveness also.

Now coming to its downfall,

A higher refresh rate monitor is not at all a good option for picture quality and color accuracy. If you want perfect picture quality a 60 Hz monitor will be fine for you.

But if you are a gamer and want to experience great responsiveness, then opting for a higher refresh rate is a good option.


Now comparing 60 Hz Vs 144Hz

Nowadays, it is easy to get a computer which can run high refresh rates monitors, so you can opt for high refresh rate monitors of 144 Hz. Only you need to have a opt graphics card installed in your PC. Also if your system allows upgrading, then you should definitely do it. For gamers, it is a better option to choose a high refresh rate monitor for high responsiveness.

Also, do not forget that you need to compromise in terms of quality of image, because the color accuracy will not be maintained.

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144hz Vs 240 Hz

It is difficult to find a PC that has a 240Hz monitor. If you find it and can configure it, it would be best for you. Otherwise, stick to a less refresh rate monitor that can configure comfortably.

The shift in performance is totally visible when you go from 60 Hz to 144 Hz

But if you want to shift from 144 Hz to 240 Hz then you should consider the following points

  • If your computer allows it, go for it
  • If you can afford it
  • If you are a skilled gamer and want to be a little ahead from your competitors.

So, this was all about the gaming monitors, you can consider and can upgrade to it according to your requirements. I hope this article is helpful to you and also acknowledged you about gaming monitors.

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