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News Thrive is all about focusing on the World latest breaking news publishing and How to guides about all the latest technology item releases. From Laptops, Phones, Smart Watches, Electronics to Home accessories, office major tech requirements everything gets reviewed here. If you feel any item to be thoroughly reviewed, contact us through our suggestion page. News Thrive was founded in the year 2016. The site was again re-continued in the year 2019 by the purchase of the business in an auction.

Newsthrive.com is emerging to be a great news publishing website all over the world like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The website has been featured in large media news publications like Washington Post, China Times, Huffington Post, India Today, Nouvelobs.com, Latin Post, Scienceworldreport.com, and many others.

News Thrive Owner: Shubham Prasad

Newsthrive.com is managed by Editor-in-chief Shubham Prasad, a computer science engineering student who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.

Email: Sprasadxyz10@gmail.com

Shubham Prasad

About Shubham Prasad: I am a core technology geek with wide interests in new latest future technology gadgets and home appliances. I love to write reviews and future scopes about the latest evolving technology. Each and every news article was written on this blog is separately checked by me and posted. This blog is completely centered around the latest business, start-ups, and large product-based companies dealings and meetings.

I love to know about the different features and specifications of the gadgets, smartphones, laptops, smartwatches and all other home appliances. About 10 to 12 hours of my daily routine is spent on a laptop or phone in which one-third of the time is spent in my daily job routine and further higher studies preparation. On the other side, I also like to spend time with my family people which include my father (businessman), mother (housewife) and brother. Professional photography is also one of my interests.


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