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ball pit balls

What are the Pit Balls?

Ball pit or the ball crawl is the pool filled with colorful small plastic balls. These balls are no larger than 3 inches in diameter. Apart from playing this is the typical exercise and recreational activity for the children. Through this pit ball activity, you can make your children playing time more interesting as the children play using a pool full of small balls. This will make them happier and stir up your children. These pits balls are often found in kids play homes, nurseries, Kids Park, kid’s fun centers, restaurants, etc. balls pits can also be rented for children’s birthday parties and other occasions in the United States where the children come and enjoy. The smaller version of balls pits are sold for individuals but traditionally the ball pits are intended only for children. The balls pits are used together with a trampoline or combined both by filling the colorful balls in the closed trampoline. This is one of the fun and most exciting games for kids.

Kids love to play in the ball pit with colorful balls. These days so many vloggers use ball pits in their YouTube episodes especially kids make videos of enjoying in the ball pits. Through this play, your child can explore their sensory-motor skills by grabbing balls and throwing around them.

Here are the top 5 best plastic ball pit balls to buy for kids and babies:

1. BalanceFrom 2.3-Inch Non-Toxic Crush Proof Play Balls Pit Balls

BalanceFrom 2.3-Inch Play Balls Pit Balls

This is the bright color balls for the toddlers to play in their home or play homes, nurseries, etc. these are the non-toxic, non-recyclable and now- PVC plastic balls. Playing with these balls help your child to recognize colors and shapes and increase the coordination with other kids while playing. There are so many advantages that your child will enjoy while playing in the pit balls. Your child will not even know that you are helping them to learn things through this play.


  • Set of 800 play balls
  • This set includes 6 vibrant colors such as orange, yellow, blue, green and purple
  • Each ball measures 2.3 inches in diameter
  • Made of non-toxic materials
  • Recommended for 3years and above
  • These are the crush-proof balls withstand 150lpbs
  • Non-toxic, non-PVC, BPA free plastic balls
  • Phthalate-free and lead-free material
  • Soft for children
  • Can be used in kiddle pool, bounce house, tent, trampoline, etc
  • Great playing experience for kids with learning
  • No chemical odor
  • Non-recyclable
  • Not for kids below 3 years
  • You need more than you really think


2. Click N’ Play Value Pack of 400 Plastic Play Balls

Click N' Play Plastic Play Balls

Play value pack of 400 crush plastic balls is one of the wonderful toddler games that will keep your little one busy. Once if you introduce this game to your child sure they will engage with this game for long hours. These balls are the wonderful option for ball pits, trampoline, kiddie pools, etc. this pack is an assortment of five attractive colors pink, pearl white, hot pink, turquoise, and purple. This is highly safe for children as the plastic is phthalate-free, lead-free and Non-PVC. This is made of durable material which will last longer. The balls are manufactured using the unique 2-stage blow molding to make sure the consistency of the quality, thickness, and smoothness.


  • Value pack with 400 crush play balls
  • Non-durable plastic material
  • Guaranteed for the crush-proof
  • Each ball easily withstand 90 pounds of pressure
  • Zippered mesh bag for safe storage of the balls
  • Each ball measures 2.3 inch and perfect size that easily fits into the hands of children
  • High-class quality
  • Trustable and one of the favorite brands for children and parents
  • Makes the playing experience amazing
  • Develops interest in children’
  • Colors are bright
  • Stimulate the child’s intelligence level
  • Balls are smaller in size therefore before purchasing you have to consider where you are going to fill the balls.
  • If you want to fill a larger place you have to purchase a number of packs


3. Playz 500 Soft Plastic Mini Play Balls with 8 Vibrant Colors

Playz 500 Soft Plastic Mini Play Balls

Playz 500 soft plastic mini play balls are one of the excellent options to fill your kid’s tent, trampoline or castle to add more fun to their play. This is the crush-proof, non-sharp edges and non-toxic play balls completely safe for your child. This is the values pack with 500 colorful balls. These are the small play balls that perfectly fit into your child’s hand. You can make your child’s swimming pool more colorful by filling these balls. This pack is filled with 8 vibrant colors which will help your kid to learn more about colors with great interest.


  • Values pack with 500 small balls
  • Measures 2.1-inch diameter
  • Lead-free and Non-PVC plastic balls
  • Soft and safe for children and adds more fun their playing experience
  • Clean edges with a soft finish
  • It comes in 8 vibrant colors such as green, red, blue, orange, purple, pink, yellow and turquoise.
  • progressive sealing and air filling technology
  • crush-proof and long-lasting
  • extremely soft and malleable plastic
  • colors are bright and interesting
  • no chemical smell
  • best in quality and quantity
  • easy cleaning just toss the balls in cold water with detergent
  • balls are very small in size


4. WWS Ball Pit for Kids

WWS Ball Pit for Kids

WWS ball pit for kids is the giant ball pit for kids to enjoy their play. This pit can be filled with more than 300 pool balls. You can use this ball pit anywhere and anytime. This is easily foldable and carries wherever you need. You can easily set up this pit without any tools in just a few seconds. All you need is a space to store the pit in a safe place. Your kids can play safely anywhere and at anytime. This will provide a safe play environment for your kid. Available in two colors blue and pink.


  • 5 sq.ft play space with 15 inches height.
  • Can be filled with more than 300 balls
  • No need to install, few seconds to set the pool anywhere
  • Waterproof, leak-proof and no chemical odor
  • Manufactured using eco-friendly fabric that causes zero harm
  • Great texture and strong plywood easy to clean
  • Portable and easily foldable you can carry anywhere
  • Amazing giant play pool for kids to enjoy their playing
  • High-quality materials
  • Non-toxic
  • Keeps the kid active outdoors and provides more fun and enjoyment
  • Occupies more space
  • Best only for the play homes and outdoors
  • Creates little uncomfortable while playing inside the home as it occupies more space


5. Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent for Kids – 200 Balls Included

Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent for Kids

The Kiddey ball pit play tents for kids will provide hours of unlimited fun and enjoyment to your kids. This tent comes with 200 balls and this is an amazing toy for the children who love to play alone in their own tent house. This is a great gift for your kids during their birthday, Christmas day, etc. this tent is very easy to set up and it will take only a few seconds to do that. This is the 6 sided ball pit play tent house. No prior assembly required to use this tent. You can provide an amazing playing experience for your kid both outdoor and indoor. This tent is available with the carrying case and it is very easy to store. You can even take this tent to tours, beaches, and public parks as transport are very easy. This set of pit balls measures 2.3 inch which is very easy to handle for kids.


  • 200 balls come in 6 vibrant colors such as yellow, orange, green, pink, red and blue
  • Withstand 90 pounds of weight easily
  • Reusable zippered mesh bag for storage purpose
  • Safely and specially designed for kids
  • Six-sided tent with a comfortable playing environment for kids
  • The mesh keeps the temperature ideal while the kids are playing inside
  • Kids can have more fun and enjoyment both in rainy and sunny days without going out of home
  • Manufactured by keeping children safety and comfort in mind
  • Gives the children a separate and special place to explore their playing experience
  • Boost the imaginative power of your child
  • Keeps them active and occupied for hours
  • Fold-down the tent into the given bad and it is very easy to store in house
  • Good quality material is used
  • Not the top of the tent is closed only sides are closed
  • Walls of the tent are not much high bit difficult to the grown-up children to enter into the tent
  • The doors are close to the ground and sometimes balls may come out of the tent easily


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It is not an easy task to satisfy kids with toys, they need new and innovative things every time. All you need is keep them occupied and at the same time, they should learn something valuable. The Pit balls are one of the amazing choices that provide both fun and learning experience to your kid. You can allow your child to play both indoor and outdoor without any worries. This will definitely keep your child interesting and enjoying for long hours. Apart from all this will provide an amazing playing experience to your kid.

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