5 Best Android Phones 2020 – Ranked

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In the era of changing technology, everybody is in search of modish devices, which can provide the style with the latest features. Samsung Smartphone is one of such eccentric devices. These Android phones technology has catered the attention of youngsters; the amazing handy features grab the attention of the older ones too. Several phones have been launched daily but they fail to give a smooth performance in a reasonable price range in the USA.

Therefore, after deep research and review from numerous users in the United States, we end up with a few smartphones that give the versatility in feature and uniqueness in style. Our selection of the best android phone will bring you to the decision of selecting a perfect device for yourself and your family.

Here are the 5 Best Android Phones with excellent performance and long battery life

1. Samsung Galaxy S10+ with 128 GB

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Phone

Samsung is the brand with a sleek design and versatile features. S10+ has everything that Smartphone lovers demand. Its larger scratch-less screen display gives a soothing effect to eyes and makes them able to stick with it for a longer time.

The customized UI Android Pie-9 is easy in use, super-fast, responsive and clean, just like the way software has to be.
The incredible storage capacity, cordless charging, water-resistance, and smart headphone jack make it a marvelous sensation to buy.

It has a triple camera lens that makes the view larger in photographs. You can capture distant things without even moving from that place. This cool device has WiFi-6 & a super bigger screen including the sleek feature. So, if you are easy to handle the huge size with high Price you must grab that modish at the starting of the latest release of this device from the company.


Key Features:
  • Processor- It has an octa-core CPU with a 2.7 GHz processor.
  • Camera- Include three cameras with 12MP, 16 MP and 12MP.
  • Display- Quad HD+ 3040 X 1440 main display.
  • Memory- 8GB RAM with 128 GB ROM.
  • Biometric- It comes with fingerprint and face detection.
  • Battery- Battery can last up to 25 hours.
  • Audio/Video- It has UHD 8K with stereo and Mp4 display.

What’s In the Box?

  • A brand new Samsung phone set.
  • Connector for USB
  • An opening Ejection pin
  • Data cord for the charger
  • A headset with AKG
  • A starter guide for beginner
  • Fabulous design, with a unique color range.
  • Amazing battery lifetime.
  • Exceptional photo and video quality.
  • Spectacular super large display
  • Three lenses camera
  • Audio jack flagship
  • The superb handy wireless charging
  • Fastest Performance
  • It has the 1-UI software
  • The software update schedule is slow
  • Too much expensive
  • It has USB 2.0
  • FM radio does not exist.


2. Google Pixel 3a with 64GB Memory – Black

Google - Pixel 3a with 64GB Memory Cell Phone

Google Smart Phones have been taking a good place worldwide. Its Google assistant smartly links it with the Google world. The staggering Google Pixel 3a comes up with the major features of 64 GB memory, fast charging, and HDR+ mode which only takes 15 minutes to charge. Titan M chip and security updates cater to the attention of android phone lovers toward it.

The amazing thing about this phone is that it has a built-in Google play app that can keep your data secure in its huge storage. Google Assistant helps to capture the awesome shot every time. Life becomes easy by using inbuilt features like ticket booking, reservation in the restaurant, weather update and much more just by using a simple squeeze voice option.

All the mentioned specifications make the Google pixel 3a a must-buy smartphone.


Key Features:
  • Processor- 2GHz, Dual-core, Octa-core CPU with 1.7 GHz processor.
  • Camera- It camera comes up with 12.2MPwith electronic stabilization.
  • Display- It has OLED with 2220 X 1080 main display.
  • Memory- 4GB RAM with 64 GB ROM.
  • Biometric- It has Ultrasonic fingerprint with face detection.
  • Screen- 6 inches infinity screen
  • OS- Its operating system is Android 9-Pie
  • Sensor- Proximity, Light, Accelerator, Gyroscope sensor.
  • Battery- 18w 15 minutes fast charging with 3000mAh
  • Weight- Lighter with only 147 grams.
  • Color- Just Black.
  • Price- 399$.

What’s In the Box?

  • SIM tool
  • An Adopter with quick switch.
  • 0 USB and USB-C
  • USB-C Power with 18w
  • Easy user guide
  • Fabulous design, with unique Just Black Color.
  • Amazing battery lifetime.
  • Spectacular super large display with a 5.6 inches screen.
  • The camera result is fabulous with electronic stabilization.
  • Android with smart Google Assistant.
  • Fastest Performance.
  • 15 minutes super recharging.
  • The price is quite low.
  • Comes up with Headphone jack
  • Audio with amazing stereo.
  • Super 3 year updates.
  • Lack of wireless charging
  • It has no IP ranking
  • The processor is slow.
  • Water-resistance is not available


3. Razer Phone-2(N) Unlocked Amazing Gaming Smartphone

Razer Phone 2 Unlocked Gaming Smartphone

Razer Phone 2 comes up with amazing features that cater to the attention of Game lovers. Its cool chroma logo, Ultra-motion Display, Stereo speaker with Dual front and thermal features make it a lovely device to operate widely.

This super Gaming flagship phone includes Wireless charging, long battery life, cooling vapor chamber, water-resistance capacity with a quick super-fast charging which makes it a must-buy for the smooth gaming experience. Due to the thermal resistant option, it remains unheated for a long time and that basically grabs the attention of gamers. Its millions of color options to choose from make it funky with a versatile illuminate chroma logo.

Key Features:
  • Processor- 8 GHz QUALCOMM snapdragon with vapor chamber for cooling.
  • Camera- It camera comes up 1080 Video p with 8MP-FF.
  • Display- It has an IGZO LCD with 1440 X 2560 main display.
  • Memory- 8GB with LPDDR4X with 64 GB ROM.
  • Biometric- Power buttons fingerprint scanner.
  • Screen- 7 inches screen
  • OS- Its operating system is Android Oreo 8.1
  • Sensor- Proximity, Ambient Light, Accelerator, Magnetometer sensor.
  • Battery- It is about 4000mAh
  • Protection type- Gorilla glass
  • Weight- 220 grams.
  • Color- Mirror Black and Rugged satin.
  • Price- 500$.

What’s In the Box?

  • Portable computer razer 2 phone
  • USB-Type C with Audio adopter
  • A shiny USB Cord
  • Charging adopter with a logo of Razer
  • Important and super simple quick start guide
  • Fabulous design, with unique Just Black Color.
  • Amazing battery lifetime.
  • Spectacular super large display with a 5.6 inches screen.
  • The camera result is fabulous with electronic stabilization.
  • Android with smart Google Assistant.
  • Fastest Performance.
  • 15 minutes super recharging.
  • The price is quite low.
  • Comes up with Headphone jack
  • Audio with amazing stereo.
  • Super 3 year updates.
  • Lack of wireless charging
  • It has no IP ranking
  • The processor is slow.
  • This is not Water-resistance


4. Apple iPhone XS Max (64GB)

Apple iPhone XS Max (64GB)

This astonishing device with a big 5.8 inches display has a true tone with HDR and comes with a Bionic smart A12 intelligent chip. A sleek, super fast and smart Apple phone with huge data storage and in-depth sensors. It has the world’s best popular dual-camera that gives a new area of photographic touch.

Its 12 MP camera gives a breakthrough to shots and takes the portrait to the next level photography. The neural engine Bionic chip gives a real-time effect to the gaming, and the photos. The inbuilt operating system 12 makes this phone the most advanced device of the era.

Apple phone secures and recycles the data in a superfast way. The extra fast update and downloading speed makes this a device a must-try for users.


Key Features:
  • Processor- Bionic chip with A-12 intelligent and 7nm CPU
  • Camera- Wide-angle 12 MP dual camera with telephoto.
  • Display- HDR with 6.5 inches diagonal screen.
  • Memory- 64 GB ROM.
  • Biometric- Faster face ID with a Fingerprint scanner.
  • OS- Memoji with iOS
  • Sensor- Proximity, Ambient Light, Accelerator, Gyro with 3 axes and Barometer sensor.
  • Battery- Battery with Lithium-ion
  • Weight- 209 grams.
  • Chip- A12 Bionic chip
  • Color- Silver
  • Resistance- Water resistance with IP68, stay 30 min in 2 meters.
  • Price- 500$.

What’s In the Box?

  • A Lightning Connector
  • A set of ear pods
  • I-Phone set
  • Charging cords with light
  • An adopter for power with 5W
  • A quick user guide
  • Fabulous design, with unique Silver Color.
  • Amazing battery life with lithium led ion
  • Xtra large 6.5 inches display.
  • 12 MP Camera with fabulous  realistic photography
  • IOS
  • Fastest Performance.
  • Stereo output audio speaker
  • A chipset with A12 bionic industrial leading
  • OLED with a stunning contrast of sunlight and brightness
  • Slow charging via charger provided
  • A numerous restriction with IOs
  • Design is recycles
  • Not used portably
  • Price is too high


5. One-Plus 7 Pro Dual Sim 8GB+256GB Nebula Blue

OnePlus 7 Pro Dual Sim Factory Unlocked

This unique Smartphone comes up with a super large display of 6.67 inches and is Verizon compatible version. Its AMOLED display gets unlocked in a short interval as 0.21 second via a super-fast fingerprint scanner. The main 48 MP cameras give a portrait view realistic looks, and fast recharging makes it longer to use in just 20 minutes charging.
The One plus 7 pro has dual SIM, 256 GB internal storage, and amazing battery life.  The smooth and sleek beautiful design can be only comparable to Google or Apple phones.

This amazing big device has a huge demand in between businessmen and entrepreneurs. The camera gives a smoother image. It has 4000mAh polymer ion lithium-battery and the fastest response with QUALCOMM 855. The Snapdragon processor has made the device much faster than other competitive android phones. The unique price range, sensational Nebula Blue color has become the attraction worldwide.

Key Features:
  • Processor- Qualcomm Processor with 855 snapdragon
  • Camera- Rear triple camera with 48 MP,8 MP and 14 MP telephoto option
  • Display- 67 inches HDR display
  • Memory- 128 GB with USF 3.0.
  • RAM- 6,8 and 128 GB RAM is available with this.
  • OS- It has Oxygen OS with 9.0 Android
  • Sensor- Easy touch fingerprint sensing device.
  • Battery- 4000mAH
  • Weight- 206 grams.
  • Color- Amazing nebula blue
  • Price- 810$

What’s In the Box?

  • Smart one Plus 7 phone set
  • A simple quick start guide
  • A screen protector
  • Ejector SIM Tray
  • Pair of cords
  • USB 2.0 warp type Cord
  • Its Screen is stunning
  • A phone with the fastest performance
  • Software updating is grate
  • A bigger battery with 4000mAh
  • Super optical zooming
  • Amazing 48 MP camera
  • AMOLED display with 6.67 inches screen
  • QHD give dramatic clarity
  • Large storage capacity
  • Cooling liquid system
  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • Comes up with the dual sim
  • 20 mint battery charge
  • 0.21 second unlock
  • No wireless charging available
  • No memory card or extended storage capacity
  • The headphones jack is missing
  • Too big to carry



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In the era of modern and fast-growing technology, the requirement to grab the hottest selling phone has become a sensation for everyone. The above mentioned best-buying android phones for the year 2020 list will hopefully sort out your selection of phones and bring you on a phone that you can choose for longer use at quite a reasonable price. Each key feature and specification about the phones can be easily read in the above-enlisted features.

While purchasing a Smartphone one must be aware of the key specification and OS of the phones. The mentioned key specs about the smartphone devices will definitely make the visitors able to grab the best android phone with the respective requirement.

We wish this article with definitely give you a direction in getting the perfect phone with larger battery life, excellent performance and a super cool big-screen display.




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