The Best Games You Can Play In Your Browser

We know that today the very best video games can be pretty involved. For one thing, they require the best equipment, which means high-end consoles or pricey PCs, perhaps one of the better VR headsets, and, if you’re really serious, a top-of-the-line gaming chair and any other accessories you need to optimize the experience. While it’s worth it for a great game, it’s a lot to manage.

That said, if you just love fun and interesting game now and then without all the hassle, you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that some of the most tried-and-true casual gaming methods are still perfectly viable. Specifically, we’re talking about the games you can find and enjoy right in your browser – which when you’re in the right mood and you find the right game, can be just as engaging as the more sophisticated, high-tech options that might await in your game room.

Below, we’re looking at some of our favorite browser games of today. This list has retro classics and modern innovations alike and provides you with a surprisingly broad array of entertainment for those idle hours at your computer screen.

Tactics Core

An independent multiplayer MOBA-shooter built in HTML5, Tactics Core is just the sort of game you hope to run into when you’re browsing and looking for something that will actually keep you engaged for a while. Yes, it’s still somewhat simple from a graphics perspective, and yes, some of the sites you’ll find you can play it on (like Crazy Games) can be a little heavy on the pop-ups. But the game itself is a blast.

Entering battle, you’ll be charged with picking a unit to fight with, from slow, tank-like vehicles with serious firepower, to fast, maneuverable aircraft with smaller guns. Once you make your choice you’re into the fray, with the simple goal of blowing up as many opposing vehicles as you can alongside your allies. The game is all the better because other people are playing with and against you in real-time, and the better you do the more you can level up your weaponry and vehicle options.

Monster Invasion

When you think of the puzzle genre you tend to think of things like word searches and the like. But the truth is that the top puzzle games for browsers cover all kinds of different subjects, styles, and experiences. Case in point, Monster Invasion is unlike any other puzzle game you can find, online or in a mobile app. It’s essentially a combination of a platformer and a tower defense game, such that you have to protect your city by setting and triggering various traps and defensive mechanisms, stopping invading monsters as you go. It’s made all the more fun by a goofy narrative: You’re actually defending London from “Viking monsters” who have outgrown their own territory and pushed westward in an invasion.

Gonzo’s Quest

This is a game that may have flown under the radar for many for the last couple years, but which is now more widely available thanks to online casinos’ slow-but-sure slide into the United States. Specifically, legislation in New Jersey now allows for casino gaming on the internet, and a few more states may soon follow suit. This essentially introduces a whole new category of browser-based games, and the best New Jersey slot sites now include dozens of digital arcade games each.

Gonzo’s Quest, quite simply, is the best of them all. While the aforementioned New Jersey slot sites contain all sorts of fun games that use graphics and themes to enhance the ordinary slot model reminiscent of real-life casinos, Gonzo’s Quest is the one that feels most like a full video game. It follows “Gonzo,” a Spanish explorer in the New World with a taste for gold that won’t be quenched. In terms of gameplay, it’s still mostly a fundamental digital slot machine, but the engaging visuals and the journey of Gonzo make it far more engaging than some might expect, and ultimately turn it into one of today’s most interesting browser games.


If you’re an old-school browser gamer you might just remember Snood. A clear predecessor to Bubble Spinner, it involved rows and rows of monsters leering at you while you launch their fellow monsters at them in an attempt to group three together, and blast them off the board. Originally a Mac-only puzzle game brought to light in the ’90s, Snood is now available via various arcade emulators online. It will take you right back to a simpler time in the video game industry, and you may just find you’re hooked on its competitive nature right off the bat. Get rid of all the Snoods before the bricks descending from the top of the screen push them down too low, and you can keep shooting and upping your score continually.

Cut the Rope

If you thought this one was only for your mobile phone, think again! It may have become a mobile sensation, garnered untold millions of downloads, spawned its own sequels, but this modern classic of a puzzler also exists in your humble browser. Right on your computer, you can guide Om Nom, your adorable little green monster, through a series of physics-based puzzles in search of food (or more accurately, guide the food to him, and collect stars with it as you go). If you’re just looking for a light, carefree, yet challenging game to pass the time with, you really can’t do any better.

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