Best Knife Sharpeners 2021: Reviewed

Best Knife Sharpener

Whether you are a housewife or a professional chef in United States, knives are essential components of your culinary world. It’s always a good idea to invest in a high-quality knife sharpener as a knife’s performance keeps on deteriorating with time. Do you know that the Selection of an ideal knife sharpener is a trickier procedure? This is because a few sharpeners work for specific knives. So, if you are looking for a good quality sharpener, then no need to worry! Our product review experts have created a buyer’s guide that provides a one-stop solution for all your kitchen activities such as dicing, chopping, and slicing.


So let’s take a look at the top 5 knife sharpeners available in the market in terms of durability and dependability.

1. Chef’s Choice EdgeSelect Knife Sharpener 2021

Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener

One of the most reliable electric knife sharpeners for both straight and serrated knives. A three-stage knife sharpener helps to restore your knives blade to the original shape. Its modern design and ability to deliver a burr-free triple-bevel fine edge makes it a worthy centerpiece in your modulated kitchen. Chef’s choice manufactured by EdgeSelect, one of the most trusted brands. It has inbuilt Trizor XV technology, uniquely makes a 15-degree triple-bevel curve edge that extends the life of your blade.


  • It has a distinctive ability to turn your 20-degree traditional knives into 15-degree bevel edges with advanced performance levels.
  • This three-stage knife consists of 100% diamond abrasives with an advanced stropping stage.
  • Convenient to use as it has patented spring guides for automatic adjustment.
  • The product comes with a 3-year warranty and weighs approximately 4.42 pounds.
  • It has 3-stage EdgeSelect sharpening features that provide perfection in knife sharpening. The first two stages hone the edges while the third one polishes the serrated knives.
  • It occupies little space on your kitchen counter with measurement approximately 10 inches in length, 4.25 inches in width and 4.25 inches in height.

So, a close look at the outstanding features of Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect you must be ensured by its quality. This product stands at rank 3 among the best knife sharpener categories. Another distinctive feature that makes it a decent buy for your kitchen is its ability to convert 20-degree knives to 15-degree edge. I think it has all qualities that a cook looks for!

Let’s briefly understand the pros and cons related to Chef’s Choice sharpener. 


  • The versatile product can sharpen a wide range of 15 and 20-degree knives class. Sleek and compact model, suitable for overcrowded counters
  • Easy to clean and its operating manual is quite easy to understand
  • Flexible spring guides provide razor-sharp edges as they prevent wobbling motion of knives during the sharpening process


  • In the first stage, this heavy-duty sharpener removes excess amounts of metal.
  • The disc is deteriorated by strobing disc cleaner
  • Unsuitable for 20-degree knives


2. Work Sharp Knife Tool Sharpener 2021

Work Sharp Knife Tool Sharpener

If you are looking for a versatile knife sharpener, then work sharp sharpener is the best choice for you. This sharpener can deliver sharp edges quickly and easily regularly without any delay. Another special feature about this product is that it is the result of a legendary partnership between work shar[ and Ken onion, famous professional knife sharpener brand.


  • The product came with an adjustable sharpening guide. So, you can easily sharpen your tools from an angle as low as 15 degrees up to 30 degrees to get superfine knives
  • It can easily handle all kind of sharpening task ranging from grinding to stropping with the help of variable speed control ranging from 1200 SFM to 2800 SFM
  • It has flexible five different kinds of the abrasive belt that provides various features ranging from grinding to polishing
  • It provides precise and repeatable results without any calibration time. All thanks to its 6000 grit belt
  • The item weighs merely 3.1 pounds and its dimensions are 5.5×10×6 inches

By carefully analyzing its features you may decide if this product suits your requirement or not! The work sharp Ken onion knife has advanced features that make it ahead of other sharpeners.


  • Ability to control the belt speed means more control over the sharpening process
  • It has superior features than any other 2 or 3 stage sharpener as it can perform sharpening of axes and scissors too.
  • The product comes in a fairly small size which is easy to store


  • This product comes with a lot of customization requirements that makes its installation and working a cumbersome process
  • Not for commercial application as the belt wears out quickly


3. Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

It is one of the highly-rated products we have on our list. Its unique ability to sharpen every knife like a pro makes me an admirer of this gadget. Another important quality of this knife and tool sharpener that makes it a must buy in my view is that it can be used to sharpen a wide range of tools. I can’t take my eyes away from its abrasive belt that will not burn the steel blades.


  • The knife tool and sharpener uses interchangeable angle guides and flexible belt to sharpen anything
  • This model comes with abrasive grit belts that are replaceable to meet your sharpening requirements
  • It sharpens blades to a 40° angle 
  • The product comes with one year warranty which is valid for North American 110v power source
  • Perform the sharpening of Knives, Serrations, Edge Tools, Gut Hooks, Scissors

So, this was the list of unmatchable features of this amazing sharpener. Isn’t this product is amazing? I strongly recommend this sharpener if you are looking for a one-stop solution for all tools.

Before making your decision please have a look at the pros and cons of this Knife sharpener


  • It uses an abrasive grinding belt that sharpens the blade at a faster pace
  • In my opinion, it’s the most versatile product and provides complete sharpening solution
  • Its reasonable pricing is the additional benefits that make it a perfect buy as it costs half of the chef’s price
  • Easily customizable quality makes it a winner in the category of Knife sharpeners


  • I feel that single year warranty coverage is less for such a reputed brand product
  • Its quality is inferior to its counterpart, Ken onion in terms of speed control as the latter comes with speed adjustable knob


4. Presto Knife Sharpener 2021 – Full Electric

Presto Knife Sharpener 2021

It is one of the bestsellers on the e-commerce website in the category of three-stage sharpener. I will recommend this product if you are looking for a sleek and handy sharpener. One of the tempting features of the presto sharpener is its in-built blade thickness selector. Thanks to this, you can sharpen both hunting knives as well as thin light blades by adjusting the thickness.


  • Presto knife sharpener provides the fastest and easiest way to sharpen kitchen and sports knives
  • The first two-stage provides proper angle and precision edge while the third stage of sharpening promotes razor-sharp edge
  • Its efficient blade guides hold the knife at the perfect angle
  • Presto sharpener comes with the feature of interchangeable blade guide

As I have mentioned earlier this device has the best qualities under the class of three-stage sharpener and that too at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a knife sharpener that will sharpen your blade irrespective of their thickness then this might be a perfect choice for you.


  • It’s more appealing to the customers as it offers decent services at an affordable price in comparison to its competitor(Chef’s choice)
  • It is user friendly and there is no need to look into the user manual
  • A sturdy design which is easy to maintain and the bottom has suction cups that reduce the wobbling 


  • The biggest pitfall of this design is that the knife wobbles during sharpening
  • Not so good for Japanese blades or fishing blades


5. Chef’s Choice Hybrid Knife Sharpener 2021

Chef’s Choice Hybrid Knife Sharpener

This product is suitable for straight and serrated 20-degree knives. It has ultra-fine diamond abrasives in stage three which plays a crucial role in providing polished and sharp edges.


  • It is well-known for advanced 3-stage hybrid technology that provides razor-sharp edges
  • Stage 1 and 2 involves electric honing while the third stage involves the manual sharpening
  • The results are super sharp knives without any extra effort

This model is the best fit for those who want the best of both the worlds: electric for quick and easy sharpening and manual to add extra precision. It’s always a blessing to have a sharpener that operates manually.


  • Provide both electric and manual sharpening
  • Works on triple-bevel technology that offers superior sharpness


  • Only suitable for 20-degree knives and not applicable for thick knives
  • Angle guides are unable to hold the knives properly. Hence, more practice is needed to get the best results


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So this was all about various knife sharpeners available in the market. I have described everything you want to know about these products that enable you to make the final judgment. In case you are going to select your product based on performance then according to me Work Sharp knife & tool sharpener Ken Onion suits your requirement. However, if you are looking for a three-stage electric sharpener then you can pick either Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect or Presto Knife sharpener. The other ones also have some unique features and are equally effective. I hope this article has provided you with depth insights about the best knife sharpeners. 

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