Best Smartphones 2021: Buyer Guide (Reviewed)

Best smartphones for 2021

Smartphones nowadays are becoming mini-computers as most of us prefer doing all our work through it. Its growing processing power like 6 GB RAM, 2TB storage, octa core processors, etc have converted them into virtual powerhouses. It’s not always about the very high-cost, super spec phones so you may choose by accessing what matters to you. There are so many different things to consider while buying a new smartphone like the best camera phone, big screen, long using battery, lots of storage, dual SIM option, etc in the United States. You can’t trust the employees at the stores because sometimes just to sell out the phones they provide wrong information as well. Picking the right phone can be tough for you, especially if you don’t know much about it, ask your friend or someone knowledgeable about it to accompany you and help in choosing the right phone.

Well, there are countless Smartphone brands on the market and it is very difficult for anyone to choose the best. However, each Smartphone is amazingly unique in its way. When you want to choose the best Smartphone for your personal needs you need to pick the right one that is perfect for you in all the ways. You must choose the Smartphone that should perform all the tasks easily. Either you want to email, listen to music, watch movies, or browse you should never feel that you are lacking due to your Smartphone. Before going to purchase the Smartphone you must keep a few things in your mind and start your hunting. It is best to browse online about the best one. Read the reviews, features, and prices online and choose the best accordingly. Well, apart from considering the price you must also look for the unique features and software details of the Smartphone before buying the best.

Smartphones are considered as the center of the modern world as it not only helps in communication, but it’s also a very good source of entertainment and is your eternal companion. All the smartphone companies continuously update the best smartphone guide that tells about all the latest launches and the changes in price. Some of the things you should see to before buying a smartphone are:

  • You are going to spend most of your time gazing at it so try to buy a phone which has a big screen which boasts a high resolution.
  • The Processor and the RAM. The processor is the most important thing in terms of both power and efficiency while the RAM should be of at least 4 GB.
  • For a phone’s display, color quality and brightness matter more than the resolution.


Some of the best smartphones in 2021 you might be interested in buying are listed below:

1. Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro: Recommended Smartphone 2021

Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro smartphone

Xiaomi has been known as a very popular brand in India for the last few years being on the fourth position among the 5 best-selling smartphones in India. To challenge a Chinese company that is One Plus which was another brand in competition with Xiaomi, they also introduced POCO F1 on 22 August 2018 at a much lower rate than other competitors. 


  • It has a feature of the game turbo which helps you to boost your gaming performance.
  • It gives you 5 GB of cloud space.
  • It contains full-screen gestures.
  • It has a scheduled power on and off mode.
  • It lets you reply quickly to a message or call without disturbing your video or game which is already active on the screen.
  • It contains cheap hardware with great specs.
  • Its MIUI (OS) is very good with customizations.
  • Very low rate of mobile phones.
  • Rooting your phone does not cancel the warranty.
  • The RAM utilization is very poor in Xiaomi.
  • Software optimization is very poor.
  • The 16 MP camera of Xiaomi performs like an 8 MP camera.
  • The heating issue is very common in all mobiles but MI gets so heated that you may even cook on it while charging.


2. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: 128 GB stotage, 5G

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G smartphone

Founded in 1969 particularly known for electric industries, today Samsung produces everything from televisions to semiconductors. It launched its first Android smartphone in 2009. It is the biggest competitor in the smartphone market in this world.


  • It has a dual sim of 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.
  • It contains 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB Inbuilt.
  • It is having a 4000 mAh battery which charges the phone fast.
  • It contains Samsung Exynos 9610,octa-core, 2.3 GHz processor.
  • It protects your data and privacy.
  • It can shoot the night photos sharper.
  • It can share power without a charger.
  • You can go all day on just a one-time charge.
  • A Samsung smartphone may cost 1.5 to 2 times the price of other brands. After comparison, you may realize that the Samsung phones are just overpriced than other phones.


3. APPLE iPhone 11 PRO MAX: Super Smooth

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (64GB)

Apple launched its iPhone 11 pro max that delivers some advanced features for the users who want the best smartphone. Its new super retina XDR display is a pro display which is the brightest display ever in an iPhone. It comes in four beautiful colors including a new midnight green color. It is known as the most powerful and advanced smartphone made ever by Apple. 


  • The new triple-camera provides a pro-level camera experience.
  • It offers the highest quality video in a smartphone which is great for recording action videos.
  • You can use a face ID in this phone which is the most secure facial authentication in a smartphone.
  • Gigabit-class CTE up to 1.6 Gbps and Wi-Fi 6 allows you to download at a faster speed.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Excellent battery, fastest charging.
  • Brilliant selfie and video quality.
  • Night mode works the same as advertised.
  • It contains stereo speakers with class-leading quality.
  • It’s highly expensive.
  • The notch is still enormous.
  • Its ultra-wide camera lacks the autofocus and night mode.


4. ASUS ROG Phone 2: Best Gaming Smartphone 2021

ASUS ROG Phone 2 smartphone

ASUSTeK also known as ASUS is a Taiwanese multinational electronics company that was founded in 1989 in Taiwan. It is one of the world’s largest computer hardware companies. Its products also include desktops, PC, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. 


  • It contains 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of ROM which is expandable up to 256 GB.
  • It has a 13.84 I’m HD+ display.
  • It also contains a 13 MP rear camera and 8 MP of front camera.
  • It has a 4000 mAh battery.
  • Its display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass.
  • It has a good screen for a better viewing experience.
  • It also supports dual SIM.
  • It does not contain a micro SD slot to expand the memory.
  • Very few color choices are available to choose from.
  • It’s a bit heavy to carry.
  • Costly for its features.


 5. OnePlus 7T Pro: Ultra Smooth Mclaren Edition Smartphone 2021

OnePlus 7T Pro best smartphones

The one plus 7 T was presented as an upgrade over the oneplus 7 but it’s a completely new phone. It is having most of the oneplus 7 pro features. Hence, the user experience is quite similar to oneplus 7 pro. All the oneplus phones look very cool and classy and this model is no exception. 


  • It has an on-screen fingerprint sensor.
  • It contains 48 + 16 + 12 MP triple rear cameras.
  • It has a 3800 mAh battery and charges up to 70% in 30 minutes.
  • It has an excellent display with strong brightness and great sunlight legibility.
  • It has an attractive new rear design.
  • It contains a snappy fingerprint scanner.
  • No official IP rating.



Though it has some negative effects as well, smartphones are overall a very helpful invention. They help users in many ways like accessing the web and web document information easily. Apps present in the phones allow us to do many things in the palm of our hands. Therefore, you may choose a smartphone according to your budget after checking its RAM and other necessary information. Few common things you should consider while hunting for smartphones are display screen size, your budget and the price of the Smartphone, storage size of the phone, operating system, processor type, and battery life. It is also recommended to consider the service plans because each product comes with different service plans. Competition between the manufacturers makes the service plans better while comparing to each other and this is the greatest advantage for the customers.  We hope these tips are highly useful to you for buying the best Smartphone in 2021 according to your needs.

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