Charles Stanley Parents, Children, Death Reason, Net Worth & Wife

Charles Stanley Parents

Dr. Charles Stanley is a respected religious figure, celebrated for his profound teachings as a pastor, author, and televangelist in the United States. 

Serving as the head pastor of the Atlanta-based First Baptist Church, Dr. Stanley is also recognized as the creator and president of “In Touch Ministries,” a widespread platform that has impacted multitudes through disseminating his teachings via television and radio broadcasts. 

Additionally, he held the Southern Baptist Convention’s presidential position for two years, from 1984 to 1986. Dr. Stanley has garnered a broad following in the religious community through his remarkable work, influencing millions through his insightful and profound lessons.

Charles Stanley Parents

Rebecca Stanley and Charles Stanley Sr. are the known progenitors of Charles Stanley, who unfortunately lost his father when he was but a mere nine months old. 

This unfortunate event led to a peripatetic lifestyle for young Stanley during his formative years. However, at 12, Stanley underwent a spiritual metamorphosis and was reborn as a devout Christian. 

This spiritual awakening ignited a deep and abiding interest in the teachings of Christianity. By the time he was 14, Stanley had already embarked on a lifelong journey in the Christian ministry.

Charles Stanley Children

Charles Stanley is a parent to two children, Andy Stanley and Becky Stanley. Andy Stanley, an illustrious pastor, speaker, and author, is renowned for founding North Point Ministries. 

This church has gained a reputation as one of the United States’ most extensive and rapidly growing religious organizations. In his capacity as an author, Andy has published numerous books involving “Communicating for a Change,” “Deep and Wide and “The Grace of God.”

On the other hand, Becky Stanley is an adept photographer and an esteemed member of her father’s church. She is married and a proud mother of two children, a son called Will and a daughter named Emily.

Charles Stanley’s brood has increased with four grandchildren, two from each of his children. 

Andrew Stanley, one of Andy Stanley’s offspring, has gained renown as a writer and comedian. Meanwhile, Garrett Stanley, his other progeny, is a gifted musician and songwriter. Becky Stanley’s children, Will and Emily, complete the quartet of Charles Stanley’s grandchildren.

Charles Stanley Professional Career

Charles Stanley started his journey as a student at Atlanta’s First Baptist Church in 1969, and he quickly rose through the ranks to become senior pastor in 1971.

In 1972, he created a thirty-minute devotional named The Chapel Hour, which was brought on the Christian Broadcasting Network in 1978.

Since establishing ‘In Touch Ministries in 1982, ‘In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley’ has been available in 50 different languages and debuted on around 500 radio channels, approx 300 TV stations, and infinite satellite networks worldwide. Stanley has previously hosted shows such as “The Breakfast Club” and “The Chapel Hour” on TV.

He has also appeared on “TBN’s Praise the Lord” and authored several publications, involving “Making the Bible Clear,” “The Love of God,” etc. Additionally, Charles is a skilled photographer whose work has appeared in publications like In Touch.

One of Charles Stanley’s greatest accomplishments is guiding God’s children toward the right path; he has earned people’s admiration worldwide. Moreover, the fact that he has a dedicated following is a gift that surpasses all fans.

Charles Stanley Death Reason

The demise of Charles Stanley, a revered spiritual leader, was announced on the 18th day of April in the year 2023 at the age of 90. His passing was met with deep sorrow and grief from millions of people worldwide who his teachings and religious guidance had positively impacted. 

His family has not disclosed the precise reason for Charles Stanley’s death, and there are no official reports regarding his cause of demise. Nonetheless, it has been confirmed that he passed away peacefully in his slumber.

In his later years, Charles Stanley faced various health challenges. He experienced several falls and underwent a successful quadruple bypass surgery in 2015. 

In 2019, he declared to his congregation that he would relinquish his position as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta, pointing to physical and mental exhaustion. However, he persevered and continued to impart his teachings to his followers until his passing.

Charles Stanley Wife

Charles Stanley, a prominent religious leader, entered into matrimony twice throughout his lifetime. His initial spouse was Anna J. Stanley, to whom he joined in holy matrimony in 1958.

The duo was blessed with two children, a male kid named Andy Stanley and a female child known as Becky Stanley. The partnership between Charles and Anna was sustained for more than 40 years until Anna’s decease in 2003.

Subsequently, Charles Stanley found love again and was joined in wedlock by Cynthia Briscoe in May 2018. The couple was already acquainted for several years before they eventually tied the knot. 

It is worth noting that Cynthia had previously been divorced and had been a member of Stanley’s congregation for over a decade before the romantic relationship between the two commenced.

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Charles Stanley Net Worth

Charles Stanley greatly influenced the Baptist community, and his sermons were extensively disseminated through multiple media outlets. In 2020, he retired as the senior pastor of First Baptist Church and was subsequently honoured with the title of pastor emeritus. 

As of 2023, his assets were appraised at $1.8 million (approx.), though it was well-known that he was generous and often directed a significant portion of his income towards charitable endeavours.

In 2019, it was recorded that Stanley generated a yearly income of over $500,000 from his work with In Touch Ministries. This sum included his remuneration, royalties from his publications, and payment for his participation in speaking engagements. 

In addition, he received a retirement benefits package from First Baptist Church, which encompassed an annual pension amounting to six figures.

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