Chloe Fineman Boyfriend And Dating History

Chloe Fineman Boyfriend

Chloe Fineman is a well-known comedian, impressionist, and actor from the United States. She gained popularity through her performances on the hit show “Saturday Night Live.” 

Since joining the cast in 2019, Fineman has impressed audiences with her remarkable impressions of various public figures and celebrities. With her comedic talent and versatility, she has become a prominent figure in the comedy world.

Is Chloe Fineman In A Relationship?

Regarding her personal life, Chloe Fineman prefers to keep things private. Although she has mentioned her boyfriend in interviews, she has never revealed his identity. 

Sources suggest that Fineman values her privacy and wants to keep her relationship away from the media spotlight. In 2022, she spoke about being in a relationship since 2019 and revealed that she and her boyfriend went through the challenges of the lockdown together. 

Despite the initial difficulties, they made the best of their time and turned it into a beautiful romantic comedy-like experience.

Who is Chloe Fineman’s Boyfriend?

Chloe Fineman’s boyfriend remains a mystery to the public. She has chosen to keep his identity confidential, respecting their privacy. In interviews, she has shared small glimpses into their relationship.

In February 2022, Fineman mentioned that her boyfriend disliked hair extensions, stating, “You feel like a doll.” She also mentioned owning two toasters, one in New York and another in Los Angeles, where her boyfriend resides. 


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While she hasn’t disclosed any further details, it is evident that she cherishes her relationship and keeps it separate from her public persona.

Chloe Fineman Dating History

Over the years, there have been speculations about Chloe Fineman’s dating history. Tabloids have linked her romantically to her co-star Pete Davidson, who was previously in a relationship with Kim Kardashian and engaged to Ariana Grande in 2018. 

However, Fineman clarified that she was not dating Davidson and only spoke highly of his charming personality. Despite the rumors, the details of her past relationships remain undisclosed.

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Instagram Wedding

One of the notable events surrounding Chloe Fineman’s personal life was an Instagram live wedding prank she pulled off with her best friend, Casey Thomas Brown

The two shared a close bond, which led people to assume they were a couple. However, Fineman later revealed that the wedding was a hoax and that Brown was her gay best friend.

The media’s response to the prank surprised Fineman, as many outlets reported it as a real event. She expressed her amusement and shared that she organized the wedding as a humorous way to pass the time during the pandemic.


Chloe Fineman is a talented comedian known for her impressions and performances on “Saturday Night Live.” While she keeps her personal life private, she has mentioned being in a relationship since 2019 and going through the challenges of the lockdown with her boyfriend. 

Despite rumors and speculations, the identity of her boyfriend remains undisclosed. Fineman’s Instagram wedding prank with her best friend further added to the intrigue surrounding her love life. It’s clear that Fineman values her privacy and enjoys keeping fans guessing about her romantic endeavors.

About Social Media Accounts

Chloe Fineman is active on social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. On her Instagram account (@chloeiscrazy), she shares behind-the-scenes moments, comedic skits, and updates about her work.

Her Twitter handle (@chloefineman) offers a glimpse into her thoughts, humor, and interactions with fans. By following her accounts, fans can stay updated with her latest projects and get a glimpse of her personal life.


Q1: Is Chloe Fineman currently in a relationship? 

A: Yes, Chloe Fineman is in a relationship. However, she prefers to keep the identity of her boyfriend private.

Q2: Has Chloe Fineman ever dated Pete Davidson? 

A: No, Chloe Fineman and Pete Davidson have not had a romantic relationship. Fineman has spoken highly of Davidson’s charm but clarified they were not dating.

Q3: Who is Chloe Fineman’s best friend, Casey Thomas Brown? 

A: Casey Thomas Brown is Chloe Fineman’s gay best friend, with whom she pulled off an Instagram wedding prank.

Q4: How old is Chloe Fineman? 

A: Chloe Fineman is 35 years old. She was born on July 20, 1988.

Q5: What is Chloe Fineman’s estimated net worth? 

A: Chloe Fineman’s estimated net worth is $5 million.

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