Christina Aistrup Hansen in Real Life: Where is She Now?

Christina Aistrup Hansen in Real Life

At the heart of The Nurse, a four-part miniseries on Netflix lies Christina Aistrup Hansen. The show, adapted from Kristian Corfixen’s book of the same title, tells the distressing tale of Pernille Kurzmann Larsen, a new graduate nurse who becomes suspicious that her esteemed senior colleague, Christina Aistrup Hansen, is committing murders. 

Unfortunately, this narrative has repeatedly played out, as true crime documentaries have covered these instances.

In 2022, a fictional version of a similar case would come to light in the form of a feature-length movie titled The Good Nurse, which would also be available on Netflix. 

People are always fascinated with the aftermath of these situations, so that this article will explore Christina Aistrup Hansen’s whereabouts. Christina Aistrup Hansen was born in 1984 and was a past Danish nurse who worked in Nykobing Falster Hospital situated in the southern Danish city of Nykobing Falster.

Curiously, very little else is known about Christina, but she was well-liked and highly regarded at her place of work.

Christina Aistrup Profession

Christina Aistrup Hansen’s evil deeds were uncovered, and her guilt in the death of four patients was proven beyond doubt. The accomplished nurse employed lethal dosages of morphine and diazepam to end the lives of critically ill patients under her care at the hospital. Moreover, she also gave her 7-year-old child powerful prescription sleep medicine, indicating her callous nature.

The events unfolding within the hospital came to light as her colleague, Pernille Kurzmann Larsen, grew suspicious of Christina’s activities and shared her fears with her partner, Dr. Niels Lunden. 

Eventually, their findings were brought to the authorities, and Christina was arrested soon after. The crimes that led to her arrest included the murder of Arne Herskov, Viggo Holm Petersen, and Anna Lise Poulsen, as well as the attempted murder of another patient named Maggi.

The court, however, was not entirely convinced that the drugs administered by Christina were the sole cause of death for the patients. As a result, the Danish High Court reduced her life sentence to twelve years in prison.

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Where is Christina Hansen now?

Christina Aistrup Hansen faced a lengthy trial that resulted in a life sentence for committing three murders. However, the High Court later reviewed her charges, and her sentence was reduced to 12 years after being found guilty of four counts of attempted manslaughter. 

Along with her prison sentence, she was stripped of her nursing license. As of now, she remains incarcerated and is scheduled to be released in 2028.

During Kristian Corfixen’s research for the book that inspired the series, he had the chance to interview Hansen while she was in prison. Hansen told him she has yet to accept her judgment, a common topic among inmates.


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