Clare Bowditch’s Weight Loss Journey: Is the singer following a specific diet plan and workout routine to lose weight?

Clare Bowditch’s Weight Loss

Born in 1975, Clare Bowditch is an Australian musician, actress, radio presenter, and business entrepreneur. Her accomplishments include winning the ARIA Award for Best Female Artist at the ARIA Music Awards of 2006 and receiving a Logie Award nomination for her work on the TV series Offspring in 2012.

Bowditch has toured with renowned artists Gotye and Leonard Cohen and contributed to publications such as Harpers Bazaar, Rolling Stone, and Drum. In addition, she presently hosts an Australian music program on a Qantas airlines in-flight audio channel.

Additionally, Clare Bowditch is an ambassador for various organizations, such as the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), Pirate Party of Canada (PPCA), and Smiling Mind. She is also a member of the Victorian state government’s Live Music Round Table Panel.

Many fans are curious about her weight loss journey despite her impressive accomplishments. However, it’s important to note that if she hasn’t noticeably lost weight over the years, it’s possible that she hasn’t been actively trying to do so. Nonetheless, for those interested in learning more, read on to discover details about Clare Bowditch’s weight loss journey.

Clare Bowditch’s Weight Loss Journey

With thousands of followers on her social media handle (@clarebowditch), Clare Bowditch is a subject of great interest to her fans. Some of them are curious about her weight loss efforts. However, assuming that she must actively try to lose weight because of her body size is presumptuous.

There may not have been any noticeable changes in her body weight. Therefore, people may be projecting their assumptions onto her. As far as is known, she may not have been making any conscious efforts towards weight loss.

She may have been trying to lose weight without letting the public know. But then, if that’s the case, what could be her possible reasons for hiding her weight loss journey? Her decision to hide her efforts from the public may be due to several factors. Perhaps she doesn’t want people to know she’s trying because they might expect too much from her or feel disappointed if she fails.

At one point, achieving weight loss was all that Clare Bowditch desired. Her ultimate goal was to shed fat, become thin, and fit in with others. As a tall and larger person growing up, she began feeling different and eventually believed something was inherently wrong with her. Her fixation on her body and size grew stronger with time, and she became completely consumed with losing weight.

As Bowditch entered her teenage years, she became increasingly self-conscious about her size and started linking her body to her emotional state. She began associating her weight with happiness, success, and social inclusion or exclusion. Her deepest desire was to be smaller and more like her peers. The notion of weight loss was constantly on her mind as she had never felt small, and even as a child, she thought of herself as too big.

After her sister’s death, Clare Bowditch’s obsession with her weight became even more intense. Her focus shifted entirely to her weight and food to distract herself from the grief. Adding to her struggles, her schoolmates relentlessly teased her and called her names like Big Bird and Fatty-boom-bah. She couldn’t even find proper clothes and felt ashamed of herself. All she wanted was to achieve weight loss.

Although her parents tried to defend her weight and reassure her that inner quality mattered, their words came too late and had little impact on her. Bowditch then decided to embark on a weight loss journey. She convinced her parents to take her to a diet doctor, who prescribed an incredibly strict diet low in fat, carbs, dairy, and sugar. She even started counting calories using a book she bought with her pocket money from a local newsagent. At one point, she even attempted bulimia to lose weight.

Clare Bowditch’s weight loss efforts yielded positive results in receiving admiration and compliments from her peers and parents. However, this further fueled her obsession with being thin and equating it with worthiness. The cycle of losing and gaining weight intensified during her teenage years, leading to a nervous breakdown at 21. She dropped out of university and worked at a call center, lacking confidence in her body size, voice, and heart, ultimately resulting in her breakdown.

Fortunately, Clare Bowditch overcame her struggles with the help of a book called “Self-Help For Your Nerves” by Australian doctor and health writer Claire Weekes, which was gifted to her by one of her mother’s friends. The book provided her with valuable insights that she still holds onto today. After reading it, she realized she had the power to control the stories she told herself and which ones she chose to believe. This realization helped her release her all-consuming thoughts and need for weight loss.


Claire’s passion for inspiring others and sharing personal stories sets her apart from other health and wellness experts. Her unique story, personal struggle, and positive self-talk make her different. She believes one can live a healthy life by putting their thoughts into action rather than just talking about them.

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