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Good quality gardening tools are necessary to maintain a beautiful garden, especially fruit pickers when you have tall trees. Well-made, high quality and sturdy fruit-picking tools are very important as it can reduce the maximum strain and work of the gardener. The fruit pickers will make life easier for the gardener in the United States. Whether you are just picking fruits for your family or you are doing it for commercial purposes. Good quality fruit picker is really important if you have tall trees that yield fruits.

The perfect fruit picking tool will help you to pick as much as possible fruits easily and faster without straining yourselves. People use ladders to reach the top branches of the trees to pick fruits in this way they are risking their life. However, with the help of a good fruit picker, the gardener can easily pick the fruits from the top branches right from the ground.

Fruit picker is a special tool used to harvest apples, peaches, and other fruits. Fruit picking or harvesting is the seasonal activity of the farmers. Farmers use various techniques to harvest fruits easily and quickly. Some will follow the traditional way of harvesting while some will adapt to the advanced techniques to harvest fruits quickly. Here is the list of best fruit pickers that are used to harvest the fruits easily and quickly.

Here are the Top 5 Recommended Best Fruit Pickers and Apple Pickers mentioned below:

1. Ohuhu Fruit Pickers | Apple Pickers – (Recommended)

Ohuhu Fruit Picker Tool

Ohuhu fruit pickers are used to harvest peaches, apples, oranges and other fruits in an effective and fastest way. This fruit picker contains a metal basket with fingers like structures in front of the basket which easily picks the fruit from the tree branches. The fruits are rolled into the bottom of the basket once they are picked from the branch. The telescoping tool can be adjusted according to the height of the trees.


  • This fruit picker is light weighted and easy to use. With the help of a flexible aluminum pole, you can use the picker repeatedly with minimum energy. fruit picker is lighter than the fiberglass
  • The deep basket in the picker comes with a bruise-free pad which helps to keep each fruit safe without any damages.
  • With the help of a smart telescoping pole, you can adjust the picker according to the heights of a tree in just 3 steps. Unlock the yellow buckle, extent and lock the buckle.
  • Easy to use just hook the fruit with the metal fingers and pull the fruit gently
  • 13 feet long picker with a basket which gives access to reach all the fruits
  • This fruit picker comes with long extendable pole
  • Easy and flexible to use and store
  • Lightweight which can be used with very less energy
  • The twist-one wire basket with the bruise free foam pad
  • It is not the lightest option
  • Twist –on  wire basket comes out of the pole often
  • Not recommended to pick cherries and other small fruits
  • Sometimes poorly packed


2. EVERSPROUT 13-Foot Fruit Pickers with 20+ Foot Reach

EVERSPROUT 13-Foot Fruit Picker (20+ Foot Reach)

This is the first and the only twist-one basket fruit picker. This fruit picker is twisted onto the threaded pole which provides quick, consistent and safe attachment that never comes loose. This fruit picker is risk-free and gives you 100% satisfaction. This is one of the popular and good quality fruit pickers for harvesters. When you use this fruit picker you will feel like you are having 20-foot arms. With the help of this fruit picker, you will be able to pick only the best fruits from the tree branches.


  • Best and great quality fruit picker with a 13-foot telescoping pole
  • The light-weighted design and easy to manage
  • Keep your harvesting fruit safe without spoiling or breaking
  • Pre-assembled which saves your time and results in hassle-free usage.
  • Made of high quality and light weighted aluminum with EVA foam padded grips. This will provide amazing comfort when the farmer is using.
  • This fruit pickers is rust-resistant and lasts longer, just a onetime investment
  • The lock poles in the place are perfect and firm for safety
  • It just weighs below 2 pounds, easy and flexible to use
  • Already assembled therefore easy to engage with the product
  • Time-saving and hassle-free method of picking the best fruits
  • defective in case of wet weather
  • slippery and prone to dangers
  • it is not easy to maintain in right shape


3. DocaPole Fruit Pickers | Apple Picker (7-30 Foot Extension Pole)

DocaPole Fruit Picker

Docapole is the multi pick fruit basket, most of the fruit baskets need to be fixed or reattached to the pool for each use. This is not in the case of Docapol, you have to simply tighten the basket collar around the adapter just before first use. The fruit basket is designed to hold multiple fruits therefore it is not necessary to retract the fruit basket after every picking. This will save you time and energy.


  • It comes with the easy twist-on fruit picker tool and 24-foot extension pole. Just tighten the collar once to use multiple times.
  • Multi pick basket- you can easily pick multiple fruits one time and this saves your time too
  • The foam pad inside the basket ensures your fruits are not damages and prevents bruising.
  • This fruit picker will perfectly preserve the quality of your fresh-picked fruits.
  • Docapole is compatible with the 24-foot extension. With the pole, you can easily reach top branches of the tree to pick the fruits with very little energy.
  • This is the ultimate fruit picking tool for all types of fruits such as apple, orange, mango, figs, apricots, papaya, lemon and many more.
  • Reliable and no damages to the fruit while picking
  • Preserves the fruit’s natural look and keeps it safe
  • Safer for all types of fruits including smaller size fruits
  • Damages the leaves and the stem parts of the tree
  • Continuous use of the picker may bruise your hand especially palm
  • It is good to ensure additional safety measures from your side
  • Rigid to handle


4. Corona LR 3460 Pruner, Red

Corona LR 3460 Pruner

The Corona Clipper LR 3460 1/2-Inch Long Reach Cut N Hold Bypass Pruner makes accurate cuts even in the places that are hard to reach in the trees. This is an ideal and unique clipper for the gardeners. With the help of pruners, the gardeners can easily cut the thorny plants such as climbing rose plants. The overall length of the pruner is 46 inch and it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • This is the bypass pruners
  • 46-inch pruners which can easily reach the top of the plants
  • Cuts and holds the stem until you release
  • Easy and flexible to use
  • High carbon steel blades are extremely sharp and the hooks are heat treated
  • The adjustable foam grip of the pruner gives an amazing balance while cutting the stems
  • Long reach gives access even to the inaccessible areas
  • The strong grip allows easy cutting
  • Tightly holds the stem until you release
  • Helps to improve the tree’s quality and increases the yielding of fruits
  • Helps to maintain the plant’s health
  • Easy to handle and zero strain to your back
  • Extendable poles provide easy access to the highest part of the plants
  • Easily wear down and may abrade when the external chains are exposed to the different environment


5. SANDEGOO Fruit Pickers Tool | Apple Picker Tool

SANDEGOO Fruit Picker Tool

Sandegoo fruit picker is one of the popular fruit picking tools used to pick different types of fruits easily and safely. This comes from 5 to 13 feet height and it is very easy to reach the top branches of the tree to pick the fruits. This fruit picker in unbendable and unbreakable and makes your fruit picking experience easy and amazing. The light weighted aluminum telescoping pole


  • Available from 5 to 13 feet height and used to pick all kinds of fruits including mango, oranges, apple, grapefruit, kiwi, etc
  • Easy and quick assembling and use the screwdriver to tighten the thread tip.
  • Gives you 100% satisfaction and risk-free tool
  • Picks all the fruits without damaging and bruising
  • No need to use a ladder and risk your life
  • This fruit picker weighs only 2-3 pounds
  • Never bend or break while picking the fruits
  • Easy to assemble, it is one-time assembling and you can use multiple times
  • Sturdy and fast in picking the fruits
  • Rust-resistant and will last longer, just invest one time and use for long years
  • No strains for your hand and back
  • This fruit picker is inapplicable for commercial use
  • Moderately heavier compared to the other poles
  • Unreliable during the wet weather
  • Need prior experience to use


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There are various amazing benefits of choosing the best fruit pickers in the market. It completely eliminates the need for a ladder and your life is not under the risk when you use the fruit picker. Preserves your fruit perfectly and minimizes your strength and strain as you invest less energy to pick the fruits from your garden. When you are looking to buy fruit pickers there are few things to consider before choosing the particular one. First, decide what type of fruit you want to pick and take a look at the length and dimension of the trees in your garden. Analyze the frequency of use and choose the best one that perfectly suits your requirements.


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