How to Choose a Cordless Drill – Complete Guide

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One of the most important products, without which your toolbox cannot be completed is a cordless drill. It is very useful to have it at home. If you are into DIY stuff then this is a primary requirement for you. It saves one’s time and energy to drill. Nowadays lots of products are available in the market which can be very confusing. So for your rescue, we are here with our buyer guide on how to choose a cordless drill in the United States of America 2019.

While searching for the best cordless drill in the United States, the following are the things which you should look for:


Most imp thing to look for in a cordless drill is its chuck size. Most cordless drills come in two sizes:

  • 3/8 inch chuck
  • ½ inch chuck

Two critical things can be analyzed from the chuck size. It tells about the shaft size of the bits that a drill can accommodate. Secondly, it shows the power and capability of drill machines. High powered machines have bigger chuck size. So while buying a drill machine, the first thing to do is to analyze its chuck size according to your need.


Another important thing to notice in a drill machine is its weight. Lightweight drill machines are easy to carry and are portable. While a heavy drill machine is difficult to handle and can give you arm aches. So you should prefer a lightweight drill machine which would be easy to carry for you and also for your wife haha.


Nowadays drill machines are chargeable and come with a charger. So while choosing for a drill machine you should look for its charging capacity and indicator so that you can easily understand the battery percentage etc. It should also have advance features to prevent overcharging of the battery.


Cordless drill brushless motor

These are specially designed motors to reduce the friction and hindrance between material. Experts have explained that brushless motors give more power and better product life. So you should also opt for a drill machine having a brushless motor for longer product life and better working experience.


A good drill machine comes with a variable option for speed settings so that you can adjust the speed and power of drill machine according to the need. Mostly there are two options. One for speed and other for heavy-duty projects. Hence you should choose a product that combines speed with power and give optimized torque as well as efficiency.


Another advanced feature which most of the high-quality drill machines are having is, a built-in LED light. To work in dark places at times of need or to give you a better view of less illuminated spaces, an LED light is required. It will help you in having smooth working experience.


Most of the drill machines and also other electronic products are having lithium-ion batteries. These powerful batteries are long-running and give more power. Specifications of any battery include:

  • Voltage
  • Amp-hours

These show the power and running time of the battery. The battery is one of the most important features for any machine so always choose one with a powerful and long-lasting battery.


Another additional feature which is not very crucial but can be an important factor for some people is the compactness of the drill machine. A compact drill machine can access the narrow workplaces. So if you have to work in such conditions then must consider the size and compactness of the drill machine before buying

For your further information and guidance, we are going to describe different types of drill machines available in the market. There are many different kinds of drills each having its own specifications. Important to know and widely available ones are explained below.

Types of Cordless Drills:

Types of cordless drills


This can be called the most common type of drill machine. It is called “pistol grip” because of its grip shape that is just like a standard pistol. It is usually a corded device. Its main advantage is its multipurpose use. Many types of attachments are available for these drill machines and you can purchase any type according to requirements. By joining it with other tools, your drill machine can be converted into many other useful devices.


This type of drill machine is most suitable for drilling on concrete or brick surfaces. These are also known as “Masonry Drill”. It is called a hammer drill because of its hammer-like mechanism. It also features a rotatory motion that enhances its drilling operation. Occasionally these hammer drills are also having hammering option so can be used for both hammering and drilling.


A drill press is a fixed style of drill and is mostly not portable. It is kind of fixed on the bench and you have to operate it there. These drill machines offer precise and easy drilling. Holes can be made with accuracy as the material is fixed on the table. Its is most suitable for professional work. It also has different attachments and by using these it can be turned into:

  • Sander
  • Polisher
  • Honing machine

Conclusion: Choosing a Cordless Drill

These are the most popular and modern type of drill machines. Cordless drill machines are the best option for household use in the USA, UK, Canada, and other western countries. This type of drill machine is having a rechargeable battery which makes it cordless. Different voltage options are available in the market which you can select according to your requirement. These are suitable for moderate to light-duty hours. You can also use different types of attachments to convert your cordless drill into an all-in-one machine.

These are all useful drill machines according to their specifications and usage. You can select one for your use just keep in mind all these aspects and features before buying. We are hopeful that you will find this piece of writing helpful and useful in this regard.


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