How to Choose a Gaming Laptop

How to choose gaming laptop

Are you looking for the perfect gaming laptop to increase your fun on gaming? Well, picking a good gaming laptop just gives you a lot more fun and excitement compared to before. When you start looking for the best gaming laptops there is N’ number of collections in the market and each has its specifications that attract you in one way or another way. Well, it is not like before when you want to buy a gaming laptop you want to completely depend on the live review of friends, neighbors, and relatives, etc. Thanks to internet and technology advancement as with one touch you will get the complete details about the gadgets including their software and hardware specifications. Once you get into the reviews, features and other specification you will have a completely clear cut idea about what you need and which is the perfect gadget that satisfies all your requirements. Gaming laptops a While desktop is considered as the most preferred device in the PC gamers, it is also necessary to buy something more portable than it. When you buy a gaming laptop, you have to look for so many things like specs, the entire structure of the laptop, the display, and the inbuilt keyboard.


Therefore, some of the features you must see for before buying a gaming laptop are mentioned below:


It is known as the heart of a gaming laptop. So, if you are a dedicated gamer, this feature of GPU is a must on your laptop. You may select a GPU based on the settings you need in your games.

If you are just able to play some games like FIFA or Battlefield 1, you don’t need any highest settings. However, you may also opt for a GTX 1050. A laptop containing this kind of graphics card will cost around Rs 54,000 to Rs 82,000.

If gaming is your hobby and you spend enough time playing games, like Mass Effect: Andromeda, you may need a good mid-level Nividia MSI GTX 1060 that allows you to play on high settings. The laptop with this GPU will cost around Rs 82,000 to Rs 1, 10,000.

Lastly, if you are the laptop settings gamer with VR, and love to play games like The Witcher 3 or Hitman, you must prefer to buy an Nvidia Ge Force GTX 1070. It is considered as the best graphics card having the smoothest virtual reality feature and high-end special effects. Laptops with this GPU may cost under Rs 75,000 to Rs 2,25,000 depending on the kind of specs you choose.



In any gaming laptop, not just GPU is important but some other features as well like CPU, enough Ram and a lot of storage. Depending on your budget, you may buy a powerful i7 processor or a go-to i5 processor. As we can’t upgrade a CPU, while selecting it, check the latest quad-core processor or Hexa-core processor.

You should always try to purchase an 8 GB memory card for your gaming laptop, but if you can get a 16 GB memory card, it will be the best option. They are even upgradable so you may upgrade it from 8 GB to 16 GB yourself.

Choosing between an HDD and an SDD can be an issue while deciding about the storage. As the majority of gaming laptops come with a small SDD and therefore, act as a boot drive. Its memory is upgradable so that you can add on a 2 TB HDD if more space is needed.



To feel the experience of gaming to the fullest, a good display is required with proper screen and high resolution. Generally, most of the gaming laptop’s screen size is between 15 to 17 inches but some also have a huge screen of 18 inches or a small screen of 14 inches as well. Though it depends on your choice, remember that the bigger the screen the heavier will be the laptop for you to carry.

Another thing is the resolution, which is almost everything in itself which is required for a gaming laptop and without which you can’t experience the high-end graphics. Try not to opt for below 1920×1080 display. The refresh rate is another feature you should look for because the faster is your laptop working, the better will be the gaming experience. A 1080p display can be the best option for it.

It is suggested not to buy a touch screen laptop for gaming as they use so much battery. It is, however, recommended to jut an extended warranty plan with your laptop to use it for a longer duration.

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Properly analyze the things, I hope now you have got a clear idea about what you want to look into the good gaming laptop. Make your gaming experience even better and powerful with the perfect gaming laptop.

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