How to Choose a Smartphone for Gaming

How to choose gaming smartphone

If you are a game lover and you love to play games on your mobile phone even when you only have a five-minute break in between your office or college it probably means a gaming phone with capable hardware is a must for you to deliver the best gaming experience from your phone. In the past recent years of mobile gaming, online games are on the rise like PUBG, Call of Duty, etc which became extremely popular among smartphone users. As a result, smartphone manufacturers are using their creativity to give the best compared to their previous versions. Gaming smartphones is a new invention and almost all smartphone manufacturers include and advertise the gaming features in their devices. While buying a laptop or PC for gaming, people will do countless research and hunt only for the best. Well, do you know how to choose the best smartphone for gaming? Well, when you decide to buy a smartphone for gaming purposes, a few important things must be considered while buying it. So, here are the six essential things that you need to consider while buying the gaming smartphone.


 High-Performance Processor

When you decide to invest in gaming smartphones, you should see whether the phone can run the latest games in the best possible way. All you need is the newest chipset available in the market to make sure the performance of the smartphone is best. It would help if you focused on the CPU and GPU; the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip successfully reached the 270000+ score in AnTuTu benchmark based on its specification. The Snapdragon is built using Samsung’s 10nm App, and it is upgraded to Kryo 385. It is 8core architecture, and there four primary cores that have a maximum frequency of 2.8 GHz, and there is an improvement in the performance of around 25-30%. While comparing with the previous generation, the performance of the recent production is improved by about 30%. Therefore, there are increased rates in energy consumption ratio, and the video processing efficiency also improved 2.5 times compared to the previous version.


Display size

One of the essential things that every gamer expects in the gaming phones is the display. In general, gaming phones should be equipped with at least 5.5 inches or even more. Well, the 18:9 full screens are better if it is the full screen. It can be manipulated easily. The screens should be with a more prominent display to enjoy playing online casino games, such as poker, with a beautiful interface. Therefore, before buying the phone, decide carefully about the display size and buy the best-suited one for you to play games. Usually, people choose the bigger screen in gaming smartphones because bigger screens offer more comfort.



ROM, commonly known as internal storage and RAM, is the Random-Access Memory. This is the temporary storage of data that provides rapid access. Both are responsible for the data transfer speed of the phones. Having ample internal storage is the most significant advantage of playing high graphics games. If you are buying a smartphone with 64GB internal storage for playing games, you no need to worry about the storage. These days smartphones are included with the 1GB of RAM. If you want to buy a smartphone for gaming purposes, you must choose the best smartphones with high-performance RAM above 2GB.



Apart from the interior features, the external appearance also carries equal importance while selecting the smartphone for gaming purposes. The light effects should be excellent and cool, and LOGO is the most direct reflection of the light. You can turn on the LOGO when the game mode is on. When the music is on, the LOGO will flash with frequency and offers the gamer a look that it is tall.



The battery is essential in every gaming phone because when you have high-performance chipset, ROM, RAM, etc. these things will consume more power while playing games. While you are playing games, the processing is massive compared to the regular use as results; the phone will consume more battery power. Therefore, to play games without interruption, you need high battery power with 4000 MAH.


Configurable dedicated gamepads

Some of the games came with operating features and played quickly with several buttons. The gamepad brings an amazing and smooth experience and operation while playing the games. The dedicated gamepads do not take up the screen, and most of the gaming phones come with the attachable analog stick. Moreover, the phones have game DOCK only for games, and the fingerprint key is called DOCK. Better look for the configurable dedicated gamepads while buying the smartphones for games.



The capable gaming smartphone must have high performance, memory, bigger screen, long battery life, fantastic sound quality, excellent design, gaming mode, and no heat technology. While you decide to buy the smartphone for gaming purposes, make sure all these features are entirely available.

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