How to Choose a Paper Shredder

How to choose a paper shredder

Paper shredders have become more and more popular over the last few years, especially with growing security and privacy concerns, people prefer to shred their documents and private papers when they get rid of them. This is important in organizations where data leakage is possible via trash, however, this is also relevant to households where privacy, safety, and identity theft have become serious issues. Hence even ordinary citizens now prefer to shred their personal documents before disposing of them. This buyer’s guide will help you in buying the perfect shredder in the USA if you have made up your mind to invest in one. However, before you buy a shredder you need to identify what type of shredder you want to buy, since your need will drive this investment, as to why you need this shredder, whether you need it at home or in Office.


There are three types of shredders, which are stated as follows.

  • Small Home Shredders: These are light, compact, small shredders for home and personal use. They are used to shred personal documents and generally occupy less space.
  • Small Office Shredders: There are smaller versions of shredders that are compact for office use and can be placed inside your cabin or office space. These shredders are not heavy duty and allow you to shred documents there and then in your workspace. These shredders are also used in small offices where there is not much load of shredding.
  • Heavy Duty Office Shredder: These are bigger machines with robust mechanical and electrical parts to sustain the heavy load of shredding and are usually used in offices where there is great demand for shredding of documents. These shredders usually occupy great space are bigger in size than other shredders. They are also much reliable as they are built to sustain heavy shredding demands.
  • Industrial Shredder: These shredders are used for high scale industrial shredding where the paper is shredded non-stop and it has a high volume of usage, for industrial purposes.

Once you have decided what your shredder usage is and which type suits you, there is one more thing you must keep in mind and that is done you want a shredder that shreds in strips, in crosses or in micro-cuts.


There are different types of blades that cut the paper into these various types and they have their own pros and cons.

1. Strip Shredder: The strip shredder is a shredder that cuts the paper into long strips. These strips are like long shreds of spaghetti. They can be merged back together hence they are said to have a lower security level than the rest. It is recommended to use this for non-confidential or less sensitive documents. It is an estimation that an A4 size paper is cut into long 39-40 strips in such shredder.

2. Crosscut shredder: This type of shredder cuts paper from both corners in small cross strips, which means the paper is shredder in cross pattern from both corners. A normal A4 size document is shredded into approximately 400-500 small pieces. This type of shredding is recommended for sensitive documents and is considered a medium level of security.

3. Micro-Cut shredder: This is the type of shred that shreds the paper into micro small particles. It is approximated that an A4 size paper is shredded into almost 4000 pieces. This is considered to be a high level of security.



Once you have decided the type of shredder you want to purchase, now let’s see some of the common characteristics of good shredders.

  • Robust and High-Quality Make

The Shredder should be made of high quality and robust parts in order for it to give the best performance without giving you any problems during your use. Make sure it is a renowned brand and has been tried and tested with a satisfied customer base.

  • Sufficient run time as per usage

The paper shredders have a specific run time after which they have to be shut down or recharged in case of battery-operated shredders, hence you need to determine what run time suits you for your shredding needs.

  • Bin Capacity

The Bin Capacity must be sufficient as peruse so that you can have an uninterrupted user experience. The less the interruptions the more efficient your work will be.

Cooldown Cycle: Make sure you are familiar with the cooldown cycle of the shredder, some shredder has long cooldown cycles and less run time making work much difficult and less efficient.

  • Noise Level

It is of utmost importance to check the noise level of the shredder as it can be a nuisance in the office and for the neighboring establishments. Hence always choose a less noisy shredder.

  • Warranty and Guarantee

Always opt for a shredder that offers a warranty as such shredders will give you a sense of safety and security on your investment hence it is recommended that always go for shredders and devices that offer a guarantee in the United States and that they will function as promised by the manufacturer. Since the responsibility of the device’s performance and maintenance fall on the manufacturer thereafter.

There are few of the guidelines that must be kept in mind while purchasing a shredder, they will help you pick out the best product from the market ensuring 100% satisfaction.

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