How to Choose a Pressure Washer

How to choose a pressure washer

Technology is all about making your life easier. You look around and find countless gadgets which have changed your life magically. Another addition to these life-changing products is “pressure washer”. A pressure washer is a device which uses the electric or gas power to turn the motor which in return pumps out the water at very high pressure. This is used for effortless cleaning within no time. These pressure washers have reduced the burden of cleaning and are becoming very popular worldwide. They cut out the grease, dirt and all types of stains in a very quick way. So if you are planning to buy a pressure washer in the USA, UK, and Canada we are here for your guidance.

Before you select any pressure washer to buy, look out for these features:


Here power refers to the capacity of the motor to pump the water. It relates to the momentum and velocity of the water. Pressure washers show the power in the following units:

  • Pounds per square inch (PSI)
  • Gallons per minute (GPM)
  • Cleaning Units (CU)

It is easier to get the idea about the power of any pressure washer which has mentioned power in Cleaning Units. You can choose the pressure washer according to your need. But pressure capacity needs to be deal with caution.


Another important thing to consider before buying a pressure washer is its portability. As it is very frustrating to own a pressure washer which is not easy to move, you should consider the weight and mobility of pressure washer. Nowadays, most of these pressure washers come with wheels which make it easier to move.


Pressure washers come with detergent tanks to enhance washing and cleaning capacities. It is always better if there are more than one tanks. In this way, you can use different detergents and solutions for better cleaning experience. So before buying any pressure washer look for its detergent tanks. It is required to check for the size and carrying capacity of these tanks to match with your needs.


Nowadays brands are coming forward with pressure washers having safety lock switch. These pressure washers are accompanied with “total stop system”, in this way when you are not using trigger then its safety function automatically switches off the system. This feature not only saves water but also prolong the motor’s life. Thus while looking for a perfect pressure washer, always prefer the one with safety lock system.


One of the most important parts of a pressure washer is its extension hose because it is going to determine the limit of your cleaning area along with power cord length. You cannot overlook the length of its hose. There are pressure washers with a range of medium to the long length of the extension hose. You should consider one which is having the hose at least long enough to reach the far side of the wall or under the vehicle. So choose wisely and look for the pressure washer having extension hose according to your requirement.


1800W High power pressure washer

Good pressure washers come with a range of quick-connect spray tips. These tips are used to attach with a pressure washer to change its angle according to the conditions and requirements of cleaning. Mostly there are spray tips in the following range:

Ø  Low pressure:

This is applied when you are using water with detergent or other solution. Low pressure allows the effective mixing of detergent and water to give an enhanced cleaning experience.

Ø  40⁰ angle

This angles decrease water pressure and is mostly used for soft surfaces that can be easily damaged.

Ø  25⁰ angle

This is safe and better cleaning option. It should be used for general everyday tasks.

Ø  15⁰ angle

This angle increases the pressure of water hence gives more cleaning. It should be used for heavy-duty cleaning functions.

Ø  0⁰ angle

This pushes the water in a straight beam and with the greatest pressure. It is mostly used for the toughest cleaning jobs but caution is required to operate your pressure washer at this angle. It can be very dangerous so it is better to avoid it for household tasks unless you are pro.

There is also an all in one nozzle which comes with some models. This all in one nozzle is having all the angle options in one nozzle and you just need to turn it to change its settings. Although all in one nozzle is more convenient to work with it all depends on you whether you prefer an all in one nozzle or quick-connect spray nozzles, so choose accordingly as there is not much difference in their working.


Don’t forget to consider the length of the power cord of the pressure washer as it is going to play a very vital role. It should be long enough that you can reach your lawn or main gate. Although extension wires are available it can be a little annoying so the safest and best option is to choose a pressure washer which is having longer power cord as it can limit your cleaning area.

Next, we will explain two main types of pressure washers that are available in the market for household use to make it more clear to you.


Electric Pressure washer 2000 PSI

These are the best option for general housekeeping. As the name suggests, they use electricity to run. Electric-powered pressure washers are easy to use and most suited for small jobs in the United States of America and all western countries. They are also comparatively lightweight and don’t make much noise. It is convenient to start or stop these pressure washers. One the other hand these take much longer time for cleaning. The length of your hose and power cord will determine the limit of the cleaning area.


These pressure washers use natural fuel for power. Gas-powered pressure washers are generally more powerful and give greater pressure of water. These pressure washers are better for tough cleaning. When compared with electric ones, gas-powered pressure washers are heavier and also noisier. These pressure washers also require high maintenance.


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