How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner

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Vacuum cleaners are an essential item for every household these days. They are not only efficient at cleaning, but they also make the process much easier. Gone are the days when you had to wear yourself out to clean your house, which was at the end at the cost of great effort and less efficiency. However, whenever we plan on making a purchase, we are haunted by anxiety, as we find it difficult to choose a product, or brand and rely on it. The first question that comes to our mind is whether this product will give us value for money or not. Thereafter when we try to conduct research on our own, we tend to get paralysis by analysis, meaning the overflow of information makes it confusing for us to decide, adding to this anxiety.

While buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to keep the following points in mind.

Choosing the make and type of vacuum cleaner:

Now there are many makes and types of vacuum cleaner that you can choose from. These makes and types serve various purposes and have their pros and cons. However, you need to choose by keeping your convenience in mind. The type of vacuum should also be determined keeping in mind the frequency of use as well. The following are the various types of vacuums with their pros and cons mentioned as well.

1. Handheld Vacuums: Handheld vacuums are small vacuums that are used for cleaning purposes mostly in cars and small living spaces. They have many pros and cons and are mentioned below.

  • These are small and compact and do not occupy a large space in the house.
  • They are easy to carry as they are small and light-weighted hence relieving you of any burden to carry.
  • They can reach difficult areas like in between car seats, underneath sofas, etc.
  • They are mostly cordless and save you the hassle of managing the cord while you clean.
  • These are less noisy than other vacuums.
  • They have less power as compared to other bigger models of vacuum cleaners.
  • They have less storage capacity in their dirt chamber and have to be cleaned much frequently as compared to bigger canister models.


2. Canister Vacuums: Canister vacuums consist of a suction stick separate to the motor and storage unit. They are powerful robust and efficient machines with great efficiency. The following are its pros and cons.

  • These are powerful machines with greater suction capacity.
  • These are robust and tough machines
  • They have multiple accessories allowing you to clean those hard to get difficult areas, such as under or around furniture.
  • Do not make a lot of noise.
  • They feel lighter due to the separate canister.
  • Have greater storage capacity and hence ideal for large spaces.
  • Overall they occupy more space than upright and handheld vacuums.
  • They consume greater amount of electricity hence costly.
  • Mobility with these becomes an issue as canister and vacuum stick both have to be carried.


3. Upright Vacuums: These are the upright standing vacuums with no spate canister for storage and machinery. These vacuums are very prevalent as they are used in homes as well. Following are its pros and cons

  • They occupy minimal space and do not create a hassle.
  • They are easy to move and do not cause much trouble since there is no separate canister present.
  • They have a decent storage capacity ideal for households.
  • They are easy to maneuver to provide good mobility.
  • Due to their rigid stricture not very idea for small and tough to reach areas.
  • Too noisy as compared to portable and canister type vacuums.
  • Much Heavier as well if compared to other types.
  • Dirt chamber needs to be cleaned very often.
  • There are mostly attached with a cord to power them with electricity.


4. Stick Vacuums: These are similar to the upright vacuums however they are much thinner and lighter. Although similar however they have few differences and pros and cons

  • Lighter and compact as compared to canister and upright vacuums.
  • Sometimes are battery operated and that can remove the hassle of cord interfering with work
  • No need to bend over to clean the mess.
  • Dirt chamber has to be cleaned frequently, as capacity is very low.
  • Not too ideal for hard to reach areas like behind underneath or around furniture.
  • These are mostly too noisy.


5. Robotic Vacuums: These robotic vacuums work for you, while you can relax. They work on auto or from a remote controller manually.

  • Good for hard to reach areas.
  • Reduces effort and fatigue for the user.
  • Some models can be controlled by an application on your smartphone.
  • Not ideal for carpeted or semi carpeted floors.
  • Too expensive as compared to other types
  • Small dirt chamber, hence has to be changed/emptied frequently.


Characteristics of a Good Vacuum cleaner:

Characteristics of Vacuum Cleaner

Robust Type and Make
The vacuum cleaner must be of a robust type and make, it must not be fragile and at risk to break easily, this is only when the materials used in its production were of high quality, this is mostly ensured in branded vacuum cleaners.
Light Weight and Easy to carry
The Vacuums that are lightweight and easy to carry allow it to be portable and improve its mobility, and it can be taken to various rooms or section of houses for cleaning without ant hassle.
High dirt chamber capacity
The high dirt chamber capacity allows the vacuum to store a greater amount of dirt and waste without having to empty the chamber again and again. This allows the user to cover a greater surface area and do more cleaning with greater efficiency and fewer interruptions.
Cordless and Battery Operated
Cordless battery operated vacuums allow greater portability to the user and do not restrict the user to the vicinity of the electrical switch, along the user to cover the greater surface area. This is also critical if your area faces power outages. Hence power outage will not prevent you from executing your cleaning plans anymore.
Compact Sized
A compact and small-sized vacuum will be much easier to maintain as it can be easily maintained and placed out of sight after use. This is especially critical if the user has less space and a small living area. It is also a requirement in a minimalist lifestyle.
The vacuum cleaner should ideally be as less noisy as it can be. This will not ensure a noise-free environment of your home, it will also be beneficial in avoiding the cleaning routine from becoming a nuisance for everyone including the neighbors.
Power plays a critical role in any vacuum cleaner, as the higher the power of a vacuum the most efficient and effective it will be in cleaning the area. The motors of the vacuum give it the power to operate. A dual motor vacuum will always be much better than a single motor vacuum in terms of cleaning power
The vacuum cleaner must come with accessories that allow you to clean a broad range of things and places. The accessories include brushes with suction openings, smaller nozzles for hard to reach places, etc.
Each vacuum must have HEPA Filters that remove not only dust but allergens form the environment as well, hence this is a must if we want to prevent the allergens from remaining in the environment after cleaning.
Always buy a vacuum that offers a warranty hence giving you a safe edge and confidence to buy a product with less fear of disappointment.


The Conclusion:

we would like to add that vacuum cleaners are essential and the aforementioned qualities must be kept in mind while buying them. There are many makes and models of vacuum cleaner that offer all these qualities for its users. Hence always look for these qualities while purchasing a vacuum.



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