How to Choose an Air Purifier

How to choose an Air Purifier

With increasing pollution, our natural atmosphere is being destroyed day by day. In this condition, to create a healthy and clean environment of your home, “Air Purifier” is the best option. It is wise and advisable to get an air cleaner for your home to protect yourself and your children from breathing problems. So if you are planning to buy an air purifier in the USA, we are here for your guidance. First qualities and features are explained which you need to look for before buying an air purifier in America. In the later part, different types of air purifier will be explained.

Here are the features which everyone should check before buying an Air Purifier

Size and Capacity:

The first thing to consider before buying an air purifier is its capacity to clean. Different types and capacities of air purifier are available in the market. Each has the capacity to clean a room up to a specific area. For example, certain air purifiers have the capacity to clean the air up to 500 sq. Feet. So you should buy the one which is suitable according to the area of your living space. Size of the product should also be considered so that it is good to adjust in your room.

Air Quality Indicator:

Many modern air purifiers come with the advance feature of air quality indicator. These indicators show the quality of air in your room and tell you whether the atmosphere of your room is clean or polluted. Or if your air is polluted then to what extent it is polluted. This allows you to know the air quality and judge the performance of your air purifier. Therefore, it is better to choose the one with these advanced options.

Auto Mode:

Another feature to look for before buying an air purifier is its auto mode. This allows the unit to automatically adjust the speed according to the amount of pollution present in the air. In this way, it not only saves energy but also provide ease to users and save them from the hassle of manual adjustments and settings. This mode allows the air purifier to automatically adjust the speed and momentum of the unit. Similarly, some air purifiers, having pollution sensors, when detecting that there is no pollution for some times then the unit stops working to save power and energy.

Filter Replacement Indicator:

There is this option in some air purifier that indicates when the filter needs replacement. Filters of these air purifiers get saturated with pollutants after cleaning the air for a long time. If there is this option of indication then you can know when your filter needs replacement. In this way, it saves time and makes you aware at the time. This system checks pre-filter and also HEPA filters to tell you about the need for washing as well as replacement of filters. With these features, you can always enjoy a clean environment so prefer the one with these advanced features.

Vital Ion System:

Some of the air purifiers come with advance vital ion system. This system is a part of the four stage filtration process, in which electrochemical reactions occur. These chemical reactions react with particles present in the air to reduce pollution. This also removes odor and organic compounds from the environment.


While choosing the best air purifier, look for the one with timer function. This timer function gives you the facility to schedule hours of working. You can set your air purifier for specific hours according to need. Also, prefer the one which produces minimum noise


Types Of Air Purifier

Levoit air purifier

Now we will explain common types of air purifiers available in the market. Each has its own advantages so you can choose the one which suits you best.

Basic And HEPA Filters:

This is the most common type of air purifiers and is also known as “air cleaner”. These type of air purifiers is made up of particle capturing materials such as foam, fiberglass, cotton, etc. You need to change the filter after one or two months. To know about the strength of these filters, you need to know their MERV rating.

Ionizers And Ozone Generators:

These air purifiers work by producing ions or ozone molecules. These are charged particles which interact with the pollutants in the air to remove them. This is advance and gives effective cleaning of air but require caution to be used near people having respiratory problems.

Electrostatic Filters:

These type of air purifiers also work like ionizers. This filter also produces ions and then collect them inside the machine by producing an electrostatic attraction force. All types of particles, dust, spores, etc. are removed from the air. These filters also mostly produce ozone so require caution.

Activated Carbon Filters:

This filter is specially build to remove unpleasant smells and organic compounds from the environment. These atoms are removed and caught in the pores of the carbon. This type of filter is used in combination with other air filters.

UV Lights:

Ultraviolet lights kill germs and bacteria in the air. You can install these lights with your air purifiers or get those having these advance UV lights. In this way, your air purifier becomes more effective.

This was all about air purifiers and air conditioners. We have explained their common types which are available in the market and also features to look for before buying. Now you know all the necessary information and are ready to choose the best one. We are hopeful that you would have found the article helpful in this regard.

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