Jiggy Turner Bio, Family, Net Worth, Height, Career

Jiggy Turner, a popular TikTok star and social media influencer, has gained a significant following for his captivating and entertaining videos. With over 400 thousand fans on TikTok, Jiggy has quickly risen to fame.

Known for his lip-syncing, dance, and entertaining clips, he has also amassed a strong fan base on Instagram.

With a promising career as a social media influencer, Jiggy Turner continues to captivate his audience with his engaging content and is expected to achieve even greater success in the future.

Early Life

Jiggy Turner, whose real name is Jiggy Turner, was born on November 1, 2005, in West Virginia, U.S. He is currently 18 years old and attends Del Norte High School.

Not much is known about his early and childhood life, but he has a close relationship with his mother. Jiggy has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 57 kg. He has black hair and dark brown eyes, with cute dimples on his face.

He is focused on his studies and is pursuing a career as an actor and model.

Personal Life

Jiggy Turner

Jiggy Turner’s personal life is kept private, and he has not shared any information about his dating or relationship status.

Given his young age and focus on his social media career, it is unlikely that he is currently in a relationship or has a girlfriend. Jiggy is known for his entertaining TikTok videos and has gained a significant following on Instagram as well.


Jiggy Turner’s career began when he started uploading videos of himself on TikTok. His videos mainly consisted of comedy acts and dance performances, which quickly gained him a large following. He also gained popularity on Instagram, where he has a significant number of followers.

Jiggy Turner is currently pursuing a career as an actor and model. He has been signed by the agency ARTSPACE Management, which represents him in his professional endeavors.

With his growing popularity on social media, it is likely that he will continue to explore opportunities in the entertainment industry.

Although Jiggy Turner’s career is still in its early stages, he has already achieved a considerable level of success. His talent and charisma have helped him gain a significant following on TikTok and Instagram, which has opened doors for him in the entertainment industry.

While Jiggy Turner has not yet received any notable awards or recognition, his growing popularity and talent suggest that he has a promising future ahead.

As he continues to hone his skills and explore new opportunities, it is likely that he will achieve even greater success in the coming years.

Net Worth 2023

Jiggy Turner, the American TikTok star and social media influencer, has an estimated net worth of approximately $700,000. He gained popularity through his entertaining TikTok videos, earning over 400 thousand fans in a short period of time.

He is currently focusing on his career as an actor and model.

Social Media Accounts

Instagram @jiggy.turner
Facebook @jiggy.turner
Twitter @jiggyturner_

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Jiggy Turner?
Jiggy Turner is a famous American TikTok celebrity and social media influencer known for his captivating TikTok videos.

2. How old is Jiggy Turner?
Jiggy Turner is currently 18 years old, born on November 1, 2005.

3. Where is Jiggy Turner from?
Jiggy Turner was born in West Virginia, U.S.

4. What is Jiggy Turner’s height and weight?
Jiggy Turner stands at a height of 176cm (5’8″) and weighs approximately 57kg (125 lbs).

5. What is Jiggy Turner’s net worth?
Jiggy Turner’s net worth is estimated to be around $700,000.

6. What is Jiggy Turner famous for?
Jiggy Turner gained fame for his TikTok and Instagram presence, where he shares lip-syncing, dance, and entertaining clips.

7. Does Jiggy Turner have a girlfriend?
As of now, Jiggy Turner is single and has not shared any information about his current relationship status.

8. What is Jiggy Turner’s educational background?
Jiggy Turner attended Del Norte High School, but there is limited information available about his education.

9. What is Jiggy Turner’s ethnicity?
Jiggy Turner is of mixed ethnicity.

10. What social media platforms is Jiggy Turner active on?
Jiggy Turner is active on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.