Kate Winslet’s Weight Gain 2023: The BAFTA TV Awards Update

Kate Winslet's Weight Gain

Kate Winslet’s presence at the BAFTA TV Awards 2023 again sparked discussions about her weight gain. Throughout her career, Kate Winslet’s weight has always been a subject of intense scrutiny, and unfortunately, not much has changed. Despite expressing her discomfort with the constant speculation and scrutiny, her concerns have often been disregarded.

Kate Winslet is a highly talented actress renowned for her exceptional work in independent films, particularly period dramas, and her portrayals of strong and complex women. 

She has got numerous accolades, involving an Academy Award, a Grammy Award, two Primetime Emmy Awards, five BAFTA Awards, and five Golden Globe Awards. However, her weight has consistently overshadowed her achievements. 

Regardless of her weight, people persistently speculate and criticize any perceived weight gain. She has faced relentless pressure to conform to societal expectations, enduring unnecessary criticism. Let’s address the issue of Kate Winslet’s weight gain.

Has Kate Winslet Gained Weight?

Kate Winslet’s recent 2023 BAFTA TV Awards appearance ignited discussions about her weight gain, just like every other public appearance. 

Accompanied by her daughter Mai Threapleton, with whom she co-starred in the Channel 4 drama “I Am Ruth” nominated for Best Single Drama, the mother-daughter duo captivated the audience as they walked the red carpet at The Royal Festival Hall in London. 

Both looked elegant in their black outfits, with Kate wearing a little black dress and her daughter sporting a black and cream wide-leg jumpsuit.

Initially, social media buzzed with admiration for the adorable duo, but soon enough, weight gain speculations about Kate Winslet flooded the platforms. For Winslet, it seems inevitable that her weight becomes a topic of discussion sooner or later. And so it was. 

Once people got past the cuteness of seeing the Titanic star with her daughter, they shifted their attention to scrutinizing her body for any signs of weight gain.

It didn’t matter to most people when Kate Winslet won not just one but two BAFTAs—for Best Actress and Best Single Drama—for her outstanding performance in “I Am Ruth.” 

Nor did they pay attention when she shouted at her daughter, praising her acting skills. Even during her acceptance speech, where she made a heartfelt plea to parents and lawmakers to protect children from the perils of excessive social media use and its impact on mental health, people remained fixated on her weight gain speculations.

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Regardless of her immense talent as an actress, Kate Winslet’s weight consistently overshadows her career and contributions to cinema. This has been the case since the early days of her career. 

She has openly discussed the harsh criticism she faced about her appearance and weight gain speculations, both at the beginning of her career and throughout it. In an interview with The Sunday Times, she revealed being told to settle for “fat girl” roles while at acting school as a young performer.

Do you remember when “Titanic” was released? Many of you probably don’t, but let me refresh your memory. People endlessly praised Leonardo DiCaprio’s handsomeness while simultaneously body-shaming Kate Winslet for not adhering to the ultra-thin trend of the time, despite her breathtaking beauty. Even in the present era of body positivity, comments regarding her weight gain persist.

When Kate Winslet began landing movie roles after “Titanic,” her agent was often asked, “How’s her weight?” Unfortunately, her weight was prioritized over her acting abilities. 

Even now, after she has more than proven her talent, discussions about her weight gain overshadow conversations about her acting. This reality has never sat well with her, but regrettably, she has little control over the topics of people.


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