Nakysha Osadchey From Jewish Matchmaking: Relationship, Age, Instagram & More

Nakysha Osadchey From Jewish Matchmaking

Nakysha Osadchey, a Kansas City native of mixed race, debuted on the Jewish Matchmaking show on Netflix. She described herself as “like the only one in Kansas that is a Jew of my colour.” 

Her experience with dating within the Jewish community had been nothing but “really awful.” Nakysha, a 26-year-old hospitality manager, revealed that men had fetishized and treated her poorly. She was done with tolerating such behaviour.

The expertise of matchmaker and dating coach Aleeza Ben Shalom became a beacon of hope for Nakysha. As a reformed Jew, Nakysha sought Aleeza’s help in finding a physically fit partner between the ages of 26 and 33 who is not conservative or orthodox (but celebrates the Sabbath), is comfortable with her love of motorcycle-riding and gun ownership, isn’t bald, and most importantly, not local. 

Nakysha was “ready to get the heck out of town” and move anywhere in the United States other than Kansas City, with a preference for California or Florida.

Despite not feeling a romantic connection with special education teacher Ryan during a roller-skating date, Nakysha found a much more suitable match in Evan Carmusin. The 38-year-old wedding DJ and grocery store manager from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, fit better. 

They hit it off, and Nakysha was “super excited” to see where their relationship would go. “In the future, I’m hoping to see that maybe we flourish,” she said during the Jewish Matchmaking finale. “I’m excited to see what happens, but I think we’ll get along great.”

Nakysha Osadchey Relationship

Regarding the subject of Netflix’s production titled ‘Jewish Matchmaking,’ we are provided with an authentic depiction of romance within the titular community. 

The show follows the exploits of renowned marriage mediator Aleeza Ben Shalom, who endeavours to facilitate the formation of lasting relationships between singles from all across the United States and Israel. One such individual is Nakysha Mays-Osadchey. 

From the moment Nakysha first appeared on our screens with her luminescent eyes and disarming grin, it was conspicuous that she was a self-sufficient and tenacious woman who desired an authentic and meaningful romantic partnership. 

This was evident as she had previously attempted to navigate the dating scene independently. Still, it was unsuccessful as most men had an unhealthy fixation on her biracial identity as a half-back Kansan or her Jewish faith. 

The reality is that this 26-year-old woman grew up in a reformed household that observed all the High Holidays, but her life transformed when she joined a youth group as a teenager, and now she is devoutly religious.

Nakysha’s convictions have evolved, so one of her non-negotiables for a soulmate was for him to be a practicing Jew, but not necessarily Orthodox. “In an ideal world, I would like to celebrate Shabbos with my partner,” she expressed at one point in the series. 

“I relish going for Shabbat dinner every Friday, [however] I don’t attend prayer since I am not proficient in reading Hebrew.” Additionally, she aspires to create a safe, stable, and healthy environment for her future family, so it was vital for her to find a compassionate, affectionate, nurturing, child-centred partner and comfortable with her owning a firearm.

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Apart from these requirements, Nakysha hoped that her partner would not be from Kansas, would be in good physical shape, and would never stop her from riding her motorcycle – the latter is a crucial deal-breaker for her. 

She is unwavering in her stance as she had previously allowed some men to take advantage of her and is now resolute in not tolerating such behaviour.

This is also why she ultimately decided to date within her community. The first Jewish man she went out with was the Actor/Model Ryan Mitchell, but he amicably ended things between them before they could even start since he didn’t feel a romantic connection.

That’s when Aleeza introduced Nakysha to Evan Carmusin, a 37-year-old Wedding DJ based in North Carolina. She believed he would be the perfect match for her due to his exuberant personality. 

And she was right; the two clicked almost immediately after meeting for their first date at the Original Selfie Museum in Miami, Florida, where they got to know each other. In fact, within a few hours, they could discuss everything from their tattoos, preferred household chores, future aspirations, and family plans, leaving the date on a cautiously optimistic note.

Are Nakysha and Evan Still Together?

Nakysha was thrilled when Evan brought her flowers on their date, as no guy had ever done that for her. She was feeling giddy and thought the date went incredibly well, giving credit to Aleeza for setting them up. Nakysha felt that Evan was the perfect match for her, and she was excited to see where their connection would lead.

Unfortunately, Nakysha and Evan could not turn their dates into a lasting relationship. It is unclear why they did not continue seeing each other, and neither has confirmed or denied the rumours. 

However, the fact that they do not follow each other on Instagram suggests they may have gone their separate ways. They must provide more information before any reasons for their supposed split remain speculated.

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