Rachel Bilson Net Worth 2023, Career, Relationship & More

Rachel Bilson Net Worth

Rachel Bilson, an American actress, gained recognition for her portrayal of Summer Roberts in the popular 2003 Primetime drama series, The OC. She also showcased her talent in films such as The Last Kiss (2006) and the sci-fi action flick Jumper (2008).

Her remarkable performance in The OC (2003-2007) earned her three prestigious awards: the Teen Choice Award for Choice Drama Actress, the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actress in Drama/Action Adventure, and the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Chemistry, which she shared with her co-star Adam Brody. 

With her vintage style and undeniable charm, Rachel Bilson has won the hearts of numerous fans. Explore her profile here to discover more about this talented actress.

Rachel Bilson Net Worth 2023

Rachel Bilson, the renowned American actress, possesses a net worth of $17 million. According to reputable sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg, Rachel Bilson’s estimated net worth in 2023 is approximately $17 million. With her notable roles in various shows and movies, Rachel Bilson has established herself as a successful actress.

Rachel’s appearances in commercially successful films and television shows have garnered substantial earnings. Her talent has opened doors to more opportunities, allowing her to generate a substantial income from her acting career and contributing to her impressive net worth. 

Rachel Bilson primarily earns through acting fees for her involvement in movies and television projects. Additionally, she accumulates income from appearances on shows and brand endorsements. Rachel’s annual earnings reach millions of dollars, solidifying her net worth at $17 million.

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Rachel Bilson Early Life

Rachel Bilson, born on August 25, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, was exposed to the entertainment industry from a young age due to her family’s strong connections. 

Her father, Danny Bilson, is a renowned Jewish writer, director, and producer, while her mother is a sex therapist. Rachel’s family background is further enriched by her grandfather, Bruce Bilson, a notable producer, and her great-grandmother, a successful screenwriter.

During high school, Rachel Bilson found herself among classmates who would later achieve celebrity status, including Kirsten Dunst, Rami Malek, and Katherine McPhee. After completing high school, she enrolled at Grossmont College before heeding her father’s advice and embarking on an acting career.

Rachel Bilson Professional Career

Rachel Bilson embarked on her professional film career with her role as Rachel in the 2003 movie “Unbroken.” Since her debut, she has garnered significant popularity in the industry. 

Her breakthrough came with the film “The Last Kiss” in 2006, where she portrayed Kim. Rachel’s exceptional performance in the movie earned her a nomination for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Breakout Female. She has established herself as a renowned actress with a long-standing presence in the industry.

Rachel Bilson’s talents extend to the television industry as well. She debuted in the television show “It’s True!” playing the role of Jenna. However, her career took a significant turn with her involvement in the acclaimed series “The OC” (2003-2007). 

Her exceptional work in the show garnered her numerous awards and nominations. She won the Teen Choice Award for Choice TV Actress in Drama and was nominated for the Teen Choice Award for Choice Breakout TV Star Female. Rachel has contributed her skills to various shows, including “Hart of Dixie” and “Drunk History.” 

In 2023, she appeared in the “Accused” series, portraying Alison. Throughout her professional acting journey, Rachel Bilson has experienced remarkable growth and has had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned personalities.

Rachel Bilson Relationship

Rachel Bilson’s highly publicized relationship history includes her romantic involvement with actor Adam Brody, who coincidentally portrayed her character’s love interest on the television series “The O.C.” Their real-life relationship lasted three years before they decided to part ways.

Following her split from Brody, Rachel’s next relationship garnered even more media attention. She began dating actor Hayden Christensen, widely recognized for his portrayal of Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequel trilogy. 

The couple initially met while working together on the film “Jumper.” Although there was no official confirmation from Bilson or Christensen, numerous media outlets speculated about their relationship in 2008. Paparazzi photographs of them together in Los Angeles further fueled the speculation. 

Despite being tight-lipped about their status, Bilson was spotted wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring, adding to the rumors. In 2010, the couple finally acknowledged their previous engagement but revealed that they had called it off.

After a brief separation, Rachel and Hayden reconciled three months later. They welcomed a child together in 2014. However, their relationship ended in 2017, resulting in a permanent separation. 

During their time together and while co-parenting their child, the couple actively spoke out against intrusive photography of children, particularly those of celebrities, advocating for a “No Kids Policy.”


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