Shea McGee Net Worth 2023, Husband, Career & Biography

Shea McGee Net Worth

Shea McGee, a citizen of the United States, is a multitalented individual with a diverse set of skills and occupations. Among her many titles, Shea McGee is recognized as an expert in interior design, a savvy businesswoman, an accomplished entrepreneur, a celebrated blogger, a highly influential social media personality, and a television personality who has gained considerable fame from her appearances on the widely popular Netflix series “Dream Home Makeover.”

Shea McGee Husband

Syd McGee, the blissful spouse of Shea, is a contented partner in their matrimony. The duo first crossed paths at the university in 2008 and vowed to spend the rest of their lives together. Over time, they became proud parents to two daughters, Wren and Ivy. 

Recently, in July of 2021, their joyous family expanded with the arrival of their third offspring, Margot McGee. The small yet jubilant family undoubtedly relishes each moment they share.

Shea McGee Career

Born on July 5, 1985, Shea McGee hails from Texas. In her formative years, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Brigham Young University, specializing in Public Relations. 

Despite her initial aspirations, Shea found her true passion in interior design, which she discovered by attending a single weekly class. She was greatly enamoured by the class and soon realized that she wanted to pursue a career in design. 

After completing her degree, Shea further honed her design skills by enrolling in interior design classes at a junior college, leading to her burgeoning career in home remodelling in the late 2000s.

In 2010, Shea commenced showcasing some of her impressive homes remodels on Instagram, garnering significant online attention and recognition. Four years later, she and her husband founded Studio McGee, an interior design studio with a mission to “make life beautiful.” 

Additionally, Shea created a line of exquisite home products sold exclusively at Target. Their design ethos resonated with customers, and their business ventures quickly expanded. Shea and her partner founded McGee & Co., which introduced a furniture and home product line that complemented their design studio.

In 2021, the couple launched the McGee & Co. Kids Collection, which exuded the playfulness and joyfulness of a child’s space. Throughout her successful career, Shea has left an indelible mark on the interior design industry, showcasing her creativity and artistic sensibility.

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Shea McGee Net Worth 2023

Shea McGee, a veteran interior designer who also serves as a TV host and blogger, estimates that her net worth will reach $5 million in 2023. In 2014, Shea and her husband Syd established Studio McGee & Co. with such dedication and hard work that it surged to the point where they launched McGee&Co, an e-commerce brand, in 2016. 

Since then, Shea’s professional journey has flourished, a testament to the couple’s devotion. In addition, Shea and Syd host the Netflix show Dream Home Makeover, where they interact with clients and, working within their financial limits, renovate their homes with creative ideas.

The couple has gained global notoriety due to the show, with individuals worldwide wanting them to design their homes. Between these exhibits and their interior design job, Shea and Syd have acquired more than enough wealth to support their lavish lifestyle. 

Shea’s family reportedly enjoys a life of luxury owing to her ownership of a Utah dream property valued at $2 million. Moreover, Shea’s revenue continues to grow due to her sustained success in expanding her business over the past several years by creating many thriving businesses and brands.


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