Spike Mendelsohn Family: Parents, Siblings, Wife & Children

Spike Mendelsohn Family

Spike Mendelsohn, born on December 15, 1980, in Montreal, Canada, is a renowned chef and restaurateur who embarked on his culinary journey at a young age by assisting in his family’s restaurant in Washington, D.C. 

He honed his skills by studying at the esteemed Culinary Institute of America and gaining valuable experience working in distinguished New York City restaurants, such as the acclaimed Le Cirque.

Spike rose to national prominence when he captivated audiences as a contestant on the fourth season of the popular culinary competition show, “Top Chef,” becoming a beloved fan favorite. 

Building upon his success, he established thriving restaurants in Washington D.C., notably the celebrated burger joint Good Stuff Eatery and the beloved fried chicken establishment Chicken + Whiskey.

In addition to his culinary ventures, Spike has showcased his expertise through his cookbook, “The Good Stuff Cookbook,” which showcases delectable recipes inspired by his restaurants and global culinary explorations. 

He has also made numerous television appearances, serving as a judge on the hit show “Chopped” and hosting his program called “Kitchen Sink.”

Spike Mendelsohn Parents & Siblings

Mendelsohn was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His mother is of Greek descent, while his father comes from a Jewish background. When Spike was thirteen in 1993, his family relocated to Seville, Spain.

They lived there for three and a half years, during which Spike attended school in Marbella, Spain. Later, the family moved again to Clearwater Beach, Florida. They owned and operated the Pepin restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida, until it was sold in 2004. 

As a young individual, Spike worked at Pepin, taking on various roles such as a busboy and dishwasher and occasionally filling in as a cook when the staff was short-handed.

In 2005, Mendelsohn completed his studies at the Culinary Institute of America. While at the institute, he struck up a friendship with American Chef Marcel Vigneron. 

Since then, Mendelsohn has worked under renowned culinary figures, including Gerard Boyer in Reims, France; Thomas Keller of The French Laundry and Bouchon in Napa Valley, California; Sirio Maccioni of Le Cirque; and Drew Neiporent’s Mai House in New York City. 

Mendelsohn mentioned in an interview that his family has been in the restaurant industry for generations, with his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all involved.

In 2008, Spike’s family established the Sunnyside Restaurant Group based in Washington, D.C. This group comprises the restaurants “Good Stuff Eatery,” “We, The Pizza,” and “Santa Rosa Taqueria.”

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Spike Mendelsohn Wife

Spike Mendelsohn’s wife’s name is Cody Borromeo. They got married in 2015. Celebrity chef and restaurant owner Spike Mendelsohn, known for his appearances on reality TV shows, and his wife Cody have joyfully welcomed their first son, Ace Thomas Mendelsohn. The exclusive confirmation was given to PEOPLE magazine.

Baby Ace weighed 6.4 lbs, bringing immense joy to the couple. Mendelsohn, 35, who gained fame as a featured chef on Bravo TV’s Top Chef during its fourth season, expressed his excitement about the newest addition to their family in an interview with PEOPLE.

Residing in Washington, D.C., where Mendelsohn owns restaurants and actively promotes international cuisine, the couple employed the hypnobirthing technique for Ace’s birth. 

Hypnobirthing involves a serene, natural, and gentle process in which Cody utilized deep relaxation techniques, inducing a hypnotic state, to facilitate Ace’s arrival into the world.


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