Best Tool Chests under $500 in 2020


Tool chests are getting costly day by day and the people are not able to decide which one will be able to handle their all needs despite being in the budget. Here we will be discussing all the best tool chests under $500 which are currently trending and selling great on the online megastores best sellers for millions of buyer’s and customers. People generally need the best tool chests which durable in nature, perfect in size according to the requirements, can run for the long term without any issues and portable to carry from one place to others easily. This is the most important item when considered in terms of big and small workshops as they keep all the tools in order and security. Tools can be checked in very easily for the specified works.

For each and every homes, apartments and building plots having an organized set of tools for fixing and repairing stuff are utmost important during emergency times. A lot of people would be knowing the case when they need a tool like a hammer urgently but didn’t get at the current time. This particular condition causes a headache though and that is the reason for having a perfect tool chest at home is very important. These toolboxes are mainly noticeable at the workshops or garages when furniture, car, and other home appliances fixes are done like the repair shop. If the small tools like screwdriver or nuts keep lying without being organized it can cause a matter of issue for the small children and kids playing around the house freely.


What if the small kid falls on the screwdriver or pokes his eyes by mistake as the tool was not organised in it’s box at the right time.


In other words, a tool chest may be defined as a small portable box which is mainly required to store handy tools in an efficient and organized manner which can be easily accessible while working. Mainly required to travel from home location to a project location for work like fixing, repairing or building up things. In the previous times, wooden tool boxes were most common on workshops but in the modern time, multi-dimensional metal and hard plastic chests have been invented which are much more lightweight, easy to carry and store much more efficiently. Currently, there are 5 different types of materials or types available in the market for tool chests like plastic material, steel, aluminum, cantilever and waterproof boxes. Waterproof boxes are mainly required in terms of works of gold mining, coal mining and any other mineral mining in dry or marshy areas where the continuous water supply can enter the toolbox and hamper the other works.


There are also too many different alternatives of this product in uses like the tool belts also known as aprons. These tool belts provide extreme portability when working on top destinations like building tops, stairs, windows, and other hanging jobs. Along with the advantages of being lightweight, there are many disadvantages too that a person cannot store too many tools at a single time but only the essential ones. Other most common alternatives are the tool sets, bucket organizers, autocrats, and the workshop trolleys.


The workshop trolleys are provided with wheels to carry from one place of the garage to other. These are most noticeable in the large factory areas or manufacturing destinations of large companies of mechanics. On the other hand, autocrats can be considered as the combination of tool belts and boxes mainly present in the vehicles and carried by the transport persons. Now after discussing a lot about the different types and current present alternatives we will be mentioning down the most selling and user-friendly tool chests under $500.

These are the Top 5 Best Selling Tool Chest under $500 for extreme durability and portability at workshops


1. Montezuma ME300B 30 Inch Portable Triangle Tool Chest under $500

Montezuma 30 Inch Portable TRIANGLE Toolbox

One of the most popular and large-sized Tool chest is this Montezuma triangle tool storage which has been currently trending on the online stores for its unique design and structure. Almost each and every features and specification have been fitted into its structure for improved and efficient work. As it is noticed through the title it is a 30 inch of a metal box with multi-tier design technology. This particular item has 5 types of different sizes and configurations available online which are 23″ wide and 13″ deep, 26″ wide and 17″ inch deep, 30″ wide and 15″ deep, 30″ wide and 19″ deep and 36″ X 18″ X 21″. Here we will be discussing the 30″ wide and 15″ deep one which is most favorable and adjustable size mostly liked by the customers. There is a limited lifetime warranty being provided by the company. The gas spring works efficiently to raise lid smoothly for accessing tools and the secure locking latch looks after the security.

The different tool arrangement sections make sure that the tool is kept at it’s defined space. The 16 Ga steel construction is entirely done from welded seams and no spot welding have been done. For protection against all the weather-related stuff like rust, dust, and moisture a special weather resistant seal have been covered through the entire box. For extending the life span of the tool chest, high-quality steel has been used which are designed by professional welded seams instead of the spot welding. At last this item will be able to provide excellent durability, reliability and long-lasting qualities to the customers. It is suitable for both workshops and transportation to workplaces. A lot more minor to minor details can be read through on the product pages.

  • With a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, it is extremely trusted by the buyer’s worldwide
  • A limited lifetime warranty has been provided by the company on set where tools are not included
  • With dimension 15.8 x 30.8 x 18.2 inches and a weight of 65 pounds it has a large storage space for various tools
  • For long lasting outdoor usage, a durable UV resistant coating has been done over the entire steel body
  • Multi-tiered design with gas springs makes the storage access much more efficient and easy
  • Extreme secure Dual pin locking system keeps the tools safe with the utmost security
  • Weather resistant coating and the precise design of heavy duty steel makes it complete
  • Mainly favorable for use on race trailers, roller cabinets, workbenches, job locations, and trucks
  • Can accommodate almost all the big tools and gadgets but still, people need to adjust accurately so the panel closes
  • Can be a little heavy due to complete heavy-duty steel but worth the value of space
  • Currently, this tool chest under $500 do not have wheels but durable handles are there
  • A professional construction or tools worker can easily handle it without any issues


2. Power built 26 Inch Portable Slant Front Tool Chest with Magnets

Powerbuilt Portable Slant Front Tool chest

Another most advanced and modern design based Tool chest under $500 is this Powerbuilt toolbox 26 inches of the tool box. It has been launched recently by the company just before 2 or 3 months and has been respectively doing well in the market for a particular type of customer market. With a dimension of 27.8 x 18.5 x 19.2 inches and exact weight of 88 pounds, this steel made product is quite easy to shift and travel on job sites. With a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 from several thousands of buyer’s from the world have made this item trustworthy to purchase. This tool chest can get easily adjustable on the truck, workshops, benches, and trailer. The overall mechanical engineers and designers have made it so portable and versatile in nature that it can easily accommodate 154 types of different small and large gadget tools. The steel present on the chest is completely coated with 16 gauge powder and heavy-duty polymer and also with welded seams. For making the toolbox look attractive and shiny chrome plating has been done entirely on the hardware parts.

The whole design is so built that it can last more than the product of its competitors when compared. The lock along with the weather protecting sealed lid has been made accordingly to keep the box safe and secure in all types of conditions including rain and moisture conditions. The durability keeps the tool chest free from rough scratches. The quality is 100% value for money. The steel strength is great and perfect. Many handles have been provided at the sides to carry it from workshop to another without any problems. The handles are uniquely designed to fit in the space and open up only when the person needs it. A removable socket tray is present at the bottom of the box and too while removal there is an extra space for keeping items like gloves, lunch boxes, cables, wires, and other fluids. On the lid, there are 3 magnetic tool holder bars to magnetically hold iron stuff together while working. Now’s let us discuss the features in points.

  • With a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, it provided special features and specifications
  • 3 Different magnetic tool holder bars are there attached with a lid to help people while working
  • Extra Storage space have been provided below the removable socket tray to store lunch boxes, etc
  • With the Ultra heavy duty stainless steel lock, the tools remain secure always without any rusting issues
  • Too many handles to provide extreme portability while traveling or working
  • With a dimension of 27.8 x 18.5 x 19.2 inches and a weight of 88 pounds, it can store a lot of tools at once
  • Polymer and 16 gauge powder coated steel have been built with fully welded seams for perfect precision
  • Chrome plating over the entire hardware parts provides an attractive and glossy look
  • With the extended warranty provided by the company with Amazon, it is a complete value for money
  • Well built and designed to save extra money and extra time all the way
  • Over 150+ different gadgets and tools can easily fit which makes it versatile in nature
  • The weight of 88 pounds can seem quite heavy for some of the men
  • The Tool chest being a carry box do not comes with wheels
  • Rough usage can result in random scratches over the toolbox below section
  • Gas springs are not provided and water resistant coating is not as strong as above mentioned


3. Goplus Portable 6-Drawer Multi-Purpose Tool Chest and Organiser of Steel (30″ x 24.5″)

Goplus 6 drawer Multi-Purpose Tool Chest

Goplus is having a great brand name in manufacturing construction based products and mainly the tool chests, boxes, belts, and many other gadgets. Here we will be reviewing the 6 drawers based tool chest which is one of the parts of the complete set which they manufacture for their customers. They have a wide range of configurations available at their center like 3 drawers, 6 drawers, 2 drawers with 1 slide top and tray, 1 cabinet with 2 drawers and worktop, 12 drawers with 1 cabinet and worktop altogether. But here we will be discussing the portable 6 drawers multi-purpose tool chest. This item comes with some special features like the flexible casters, lockable with keys, portable handle and the all in one combination. The dimension of the item is about 32.5 x 24.5 x 38 inches and have an actual weight of 175 pounds. Currently, it is only available in the color red.

  • Launched recently, it has a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 which means people are liking it
  • Cold rolled steel has been used as material for building it
  • The dimension of the product is 32.5 x 24.5 x 38 inches with a weight of 175 pounds
  • All the 6 drawers present on the tool chest are fully lockable from top to bottom
  • For preventing damage there are 6 EVA mats over the drawer floors and 1 rubber mat over the top of rolling cabinet
  • For ultra portability, 4 swivel casters are there with 2 brakes and 1 handle on the side of the cabinet
  • Enough and large storage space is there if 6 drawers are combined altogether with added space over the top of the cabinet
  • High-quality material of rolled steel is used here which is 10 times better than other common materials
  • The cost is a little high and may go out of budget for some people
  • Not so attractive and shiny looking design as the others
  • The key and lock system is not so advanced like the modern day locking system
  • After 3 to 4 years some servicing and oiling is needed for drawers to work smoothly again


4. TRINITY TWM-3501 Royal Wooden Tool Chest under $500

TRINITY Wood Tool chest

Here is our first wooden tool chest which is considering doing well in the United States market. The reviews are 95% positive and lots of people have bought it till date. It is available in the color brown with green coating in the interiors. This particular item has over 241 positive reviews from some customers among millions of buyer’s and has an average of 4.6 stars out of 5 on the Amazon product page. The best part about this tool chest is that it has too many small and long drawers where different sized tools can be kept accordingly. It can also be used in bedroom areas to store lots of jewelry and expensive items. Also to maintain the design look attractive and shiny always four cover slides have been attached at the bottom.

  • This Trinity Wooden Tool chest has a dimension of 20.8 x 10.5 x 13.8 inches with a weight of 23.6 pounds
  • The only attractive color which is available online is brown
  • There are a total of 8 small and big drawers attached with felt lines interior mats to avoid scratches
  • The wooden material is of utmost high quality and can last for years
  • The silicone feet prevents the tool chest from getting scratches all the way
  • All the handles, hardware parts, and corners are nickel plated to avoid thrusting
  • No wheels have been provided below for extra portability
  • Not so durable and can be easily broken by thieves if not kept in security
  • The lock is of the older version and needs to be bought separately
  • The Medium density fiberboard is not so high quality


5. Händewerk Extra Portable Rolling Chest Tool Cabinet with Sliding Drawers and Organizer

Händewerk Portable Top Chest Tool Storage Box

This one is 2 pieces set with rolling wheeks below to provide portability while moving. The overall rating is great on the Amazon product page with 4 stars out of 5. It has a dimension of 29 x 27 x 16 inches and actual weight of 56 pounds. The metal material used here is steel and the only color on which it is available for buying online is red. For prevention against rust and other weather-related moisture, a powdered coated finishing has been used all over the body. For easy and smooth opening and closing of the drawers, the heavy duty ball bearing slides have been attached. The sales have been outstanding for this item since the day it was launched as it contains 2 parts which can be used separately. Wheels have been provided to roll it wherever you want. 4 swivel caster is present at the bottom which can be locked up anywhere to keep the tool chest stable always. Along with the pros, there are some cons too which are very minor and would not affect the overall working.

  • With a rating of 4 stars out 5, it deserves to be added in this list
  • The Omni-direction casters can rotate in almost any direction where 2 of them contain brakes
  • A large side handle is also present to rotate the whole tool chest according to the choice
  • The durable steel is well crafted and the whole design looks perfect and attractive
  • The whole body is detachable into 2 pieces which makes it multi-functional and fulfill different requirements
  • All the drawers and mats come attached with respective mats to avoid oils spreading and tools scratches
  • Both the detachable parts come with their added locks and security options
  • The storage types include small and large drawers, trays, top drawer, and big bottom cabinet
  • Mainly built for large workshops and can be used by several people at once
  • The bottom section drawers are not attached with the locks
  • The only color which is available at the moment is red
  • Handling and assembling can be difficult at times when shifting from one place to other


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Almost all the products mentioned here are tested by experts and have known to be of utmost quality and reliability. The rating and reviews on the online megastores like Walmart and Amazon are quite amazing from the buyer’s over the United States. We will soon be publishing an article about Best tool chest under $200 just after these articles have been published. For any mistakes and recommendations, anyone can share their views in the comment section freely. For a one time purchase, we would definitely suggest going for Montezuma portable triangle tool chest. For the people who are having different size and design requirements which can fit in easily in their workshop is the Goplus Portable 6-Drawer Multi-Purpose Tool Chest. All the pros and cons are collected from our expert tests and reading reviews over several of the previous buyer’s who have purchased the item before. The Trinity wooden set and the Händewerk 2 piece set can also be a great option for the people having a unique sense of style and need huge storage space. Hope that the article may inspire you to select your preferred best tool chest under $500.

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