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What Does DATY Mean In Texting?


If you’ve ever been curious about the acronym, DATY has several meanings. One of the most popular meanings is “discussions about topics you don’t understand.” Some people might refer to this as “deep conversations.”

The second meaning for DATY is “down at the yogurt,” which means eating yogurt. Yoghurt is a food you can eat for health benefits, and it’s a type of food that makes you more regular. The third meaning is “do any trick you,” which means to do anything that you want to do. If someone asks you this question, they want to know what your schedule is or what your plans are.

What does DATY Mean in Texting?

DATY is “dining at the Y”. This abbreviation is used to describe a romantic night out or a special evening. For example, you might text your date: “Think I’ll have a glass of wine with dinner, then we can go to the symphony and see if they offer dessert.”

The word DATY is used as a verb. This means you can request something orally or in a text message if you want something done. For example, if you ask your significant other to pick up the movie rentals, they might say “DATY” when they intend to accomplish this. You can use this acronym when you are taking action on something. For example, “I called an old friend last night and discussed some topics about the past that we did not understand.

Examples of DATY in Texting

1) Bob- I’m feeling a little under the weather today; I didn’t get much rest last night. Can we reschedule the shopping?
Amanda – OK, I’ll swing by your place in an hour and go DATY

2) Terry- Did you see the dramatic new facial cream I mentioned?
Michelle- Yes, I did; it’s amazing; they had me at DATY!

3) Richard – Did you go DATY last night?
Mike – How did you know?

4) Larry – I have a date with a new girl tonight.
Larry’s Friend – Good luck; I hope you don’t confuse her with yogurt.
Larry – hahaha. No, we are definitely going DATY!


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