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What Does LKR Mean In Texting?

what does lkr mean in text

Do you know what LKR means in texting? Texting is a common form of communication nowadays, and it can mean a few different things. Keep reading to find out more.

What Does LKR Mean In Texting?

LKR is a misspell in texting. Its original version is IKR. “I know, right.” I think most people don’t realize this is a mistake until they encounter someone who knows what’s happening. L and I seem to like the same letter.

IKR means “I know, right.” People get a little lazy when they text and don’t want to go to the trouble of typing out “ikr”. This has become so common that most people don’t even realize this is a misspelling.

Alternative Meanings of LKR

LKR also means Little Kids Rock, a non-profit charity focusing on music education. However, it’s worth noting that “LKR” can have other meanings in different contexts. For example, “LKR” is the three-letter currency code for the Sri Lankan rupee, so it could refer to a price or a financial transaction in that currency. It’s always best to consider the context in which the term is used to determine its meaning accurately.

Examples of LKR in Text Slang

1) Dan: Did you watch the TV show last night? It was really good.
Amy: IKR! They had a bunch of fun facts about Star Trek.

2) Joe: Well, I just got home from work. It was crazy busy!
Jully: LKR? What happened?

3) Maria: So I’m supposed to go to the bookstore and get some books for school, but it’s raining out, and I really don’t feel like going out.
Dolcy: LKR! Stay in your pajamas all day and watch movies.

4) Selena: My new phone makes it easy to share photos on Instagram.
Cristal: LKR! Isn’t that one of those apps where you can add filters and stuff to your photos?




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