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What Does SMD Mean In Texting?

what does smd mean in text

If you’re a texting junkie like myself, you know that acronyms have been integral to texting. And while many acronyms have become mainstream (like LOL, BRB), there are still plenty of others that not everyone uses. One acronym that has recently taken the internet by storm is SMD, which stands for “same meow day.” It’s pretty much what it sounds like: it’s the same day every week when people text each other short replies to say they’re around or busy.

What Does SMD Mean In Texting?

Txt Abbreviations or txt lingo are popular abbreviations used in mobile phone text messaging, instant electronic messaging, and Internet forums. Text abbreviations are used in almost every form of communication today, whether it be business, to keep conversations on the down low with your friends, or just a simple way to talk with someone whom you are interested romantically.

SMD stands for “suck my dick,” and the meaning of SMD was derived from the fact that the acronyms are “meow” and “dick.” Meows and dicks are similar in sound to each other, so they are both used in texting and messaging as a substitute for each other. “Suck my dick” phrase is used, just like the “lol” and “brb,” which are also short messages used to indicate a sign of humor.

In today’s technology and communication-based world, SMD has become a universally recognized phrase used as a joke or catchphrase for fun. It has been found in nearly every other message and internet communication as it is easily understood.

SMD also stands for “Smell My Dog,” which is a fun way for dog owners to use the acronym, but not as insulting as SMD.

Examples of SMD

1) Bob – Hi Jane. So, how are you? I’m in a great mood today.
Jane – Hi Bob. SMD. I’m in a great mood, too. And you know what? I got in touch with the lost dog of my neighbor.

2) Aubrey: Hey Jane! Wanna chill?
Jane: Thanks, and SMD.
Aubrey: Laters, then 😉

3) Bob – Hi Jill. I hope you are having a good day.
Jill – Hi Bob, I am in a great mood today. I even got to cook dinner for my parents, and they liked it.
Bob – SMD, that’s awesome! How was it? I want to cook dinner for my parents someday.

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