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What Does WYLL Mean In Text?

what does wyll mean

The acronym WYLL can stand for a variety of things. What does WYLL mean in the text? Well, it all depends on the context. WYLL “Welcome your love land” is usually an event you can attend if you’re single to find love or are in a relationship and looking to spice things up. At this event, people come in pairs and are matched with other singles who might be looking for something similar or different from them.

What is the meaning of WYLL?

WYLL “what you look like” is a phrase that refers to your appearance. This phrase is used when you’re sending messages via text to a friend, lover, or relative asking for an opinion about something or if you’re sharing your feelings about a certain subject. Depending on the context, it can also be used as an endearing phrase, much like WYLL. In dating apps, WYLL means “What you look like?”.

WYLL can also know “Whatever you like” and is used when addressing someone. So, WYLL in the text means whatever you like.
In Christian circles, this acronym refers to a group of people who love life and want others to experience this joy. They promote charity work and try their best to help their community.

Examples of WYLL in Text Slang

1) Tim: So, did you write that essay for English?
Paul: Yeah, I finished it. WYLL?

2) David: Did you get our message? We’re going out to dinner tomorrow night!
Jenny: Awesome! WYLL? What are you doing now?

3) Lisa: WYLL, are you so quiet today?
Ben: I’m just thinking about my meeting with the principal tomorrow.
Sam: Do you think you’ll get in trouble?


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