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What Is The FS Meaning In Texting?

fs meaning text

A text acronym is a short abbreviation used in texting to save time when typing on a mobile phone or another short-message device (SMS). Texting acronyms are texted abbreviations, SMS abbreviations, and texters’ shorthand.

American GIs first introduced text acronyms during World War II, which commonly used shorthand for easy communication (e.g., “SF” for “safe from”). They have since spread out across the world into popular culture. In this blog post, I’ll show examples and meanings of FS in texting!

What does FS Mean in Texting?

FS stands for “for sure” in texting. For sure means “definitely” and is used as a type of affirmation. You mean “for sure” that you’re telling the truth, right? Not everyone (except in the Bible) uses this term in their everyday vocabulary. Still, in texting, there’s no need to use any other words to say that you will send out the message — so most people will just use this abbreviation because it saves time by having one less syllable.

FS can also stand for “File System” in computer terminology. Just ensure you know what you are looking at before trying to use it in a conversation (unless it is about computers)!

FS (For Sale): If you are selling something, “For sure” can mean “for sale.” For example, someone might say, “I’m selling my car — FS.” You will probably not use it in your everyday conversation, but as long as you have a good grasp of what you’re doing when texting, I don’t see why a stranger couldn’t ask this question (after checking your price and all that).

Interestingly, the meanings of FS were very popular back in the late 80s and early 90s, so most people probably use it without really knowing what it means. Some would argue that “for sure” is a more correct spelling than “FS,” as its abbreviation could be confused with something else.

Examples of FS In Text Slang

1) Pete: What do you think of my new haircut?
Matt: Looks great, FS.

2) Johnny: Will you come to my house and play tennis tomorrow?
Mary: Yeah, FS, I’ll be there.

3) Jennifer – Do you have a pet? What kind is it?
Lily – No, I don’t have one right now. FS.

4) Don: Are you going to the grocery store today?
Laura: Yeah, I’m going to the grocery store. FS.

5) That guy at the bar: What are you drinking?
That girl at the bar: A beer and a wine. FS.


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