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About the new ownership:

The domain fell for a huge marketing scam like many others. The owner of our previous domain provider tricked us and many others into paying a decent price for something which was not worth the money. The domain that we got expired and we paid a huge amount of money for it. It was impossible to anticipate this scam as the previous owner was very famous and had one of the best marketing plans. This owner was very popular on news, media and various websites. Due to this, the previous owner earned a large amount of money from various people and was disappointed.

We did not take much time to change our ownership after this scam. We acquired the domain from GoDaddy auctions due to its increasing popularity and love. The auction scam is sometimes blamed on us, which is completely a false accusation. We had nothing to do with it. Just like others, we were astonished by the marketing and the love that it was receiving and got caught up in their bait. After the scam, we acquired a new domain and we do not have a single connection with the ones who did the scam or our previous owner.

Our new auction domains are and which were a part of in the past. This website is related to news and media and it is doing great in its field. With our new domain providers, we have provided the best user-experience to the users of our website. The is fairly popular and trust-worthy. Our new provider is the auction domain provider of many other people too. We selected and as our new auction domains after deep research. We were extra cautious after the scam and made sure that no such situation is faced in the future.

The other connected sub-domains of include, along with where the news and media content is divided accordingly.

How did we get this domain?

For starters, we acquired the domain using Dynadot auctions. Read the full story below:

When you first buy a domain, it is valid for a limited period of time. It expires after that and needs renewal for working properly. So, when our domain got expired, the previous owner committed the scam. They never renewed our domain and we got stuck. They got arrested for this scam and disappointed many people including us. The domain showed up in Dynadot auctions when we acquired it.

We were fooled by the previous owner as much as anybody else was. We were highly disappointed in them. This clearly means that we were not a part of any scam and we have no relations or connections with our previous owner.

What do we aim to do?

We aim to provide our users with the best information that they need. There are so many products that are listed and reviewed in detail for your comfort. You do not have to visit different sites and gather complete information. Instead, just visit our site and find the full information about the product that you want to know about. Our team is a dedicated one as it has spent more than 75 hours for each and every article present in the list. Their hard work is reflected in the reviews itself. The reviews are full of information and very insightful. For the buyer’s guide, our writers have compiled the information perfectly and put together in a way that is most easily read and understood by the users. Every detail that you should consider before buying a tech product is mentioned in the guide. All the questions that might come into your mind before buying a product, are answered in the guide. The depth that our team has gone into gather this kind of information is unmatched. If you visit our site, you may see that the products are sorted in a manner that the user finds most comfortable to access. Our aim is to keep our users satisfied and provide them with the best information. We work hard to achieve this goal.


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